Kaminey if Fuperbbbb

It’s 14th August and is the release day of Kaminey. I was waiting for this movie for long. It created a lot of interest through it’s music, music videos, trailers and a lot of other things. I already made up my mind for the first day first show. Fortunately got on time with my friends in inox hoping for a good movie at least. What’s waiting for me inside was a surprise.

Recently there is a trend of making dark comedies or dark films. I loved Dev.D then Welcome to Sajjanpur and now this one. It’s a dark comedy which tries to picturize the world of twin brothers. Like every twin brother story, here also one brother is on white side and other is on dark side. They both hate each other. Guddu or Sanjay is a shy guy who stammers. Exception is when he sings. Sweety is the girl who loves him very much (without the clothes). This love goes beyond boundaries creating boi boi situation and then they decide to marry.

Sweety has a sweet brother Bhope, who cares a lot for her. When he becomes aware of the fact that Sweety is in love with Guddu then he runs after Guddu to kill him. On the other side Charlie, the dark twin who lisps, has got his own philosophy of success. He is a bookie who looses all his money due to double cross. Going after the backstabber he find shortcut to get rich. And here for the first time in years, life of both brothers overlap. What happens then? Will Guddu be able to escape from hands of Bhope? Will charlie’s shortcut to success lead him to success? Watch the movie for the answers.

On the acting front, Shahid does well in playing the role of two different identities. Priyanka is good and in many scenes outperform Shahid but I thought she got short screen appearance. Bhope, played by Amol Gupte, is terrific. He performs in an unique style. Other than these all come and go. The film is fast in the first half, Runs like local train for sometime and then gets speed near the end. You need patience after the half as there are hardly any scenes that will giggle you. The end of the movie would have been a classic if one brother would have died. That doesn’t happen and the film has happy ending as always.

Music of the film is above average. Most of the time you’ll hear Dhan te dhan. The choreography is like what we dance when we want to dance. It’s common and close to reality. Since the picture is dark comedy, every frame looks dark. Even when there is daylight it looks dark. This film Got A Certificate which actors say it doesn’t deserve. For me it does.

Overall I can give this film 7.5/10. Would love to watch this again…

The circle of circumstances

Everyday, Everyone goes through usual or some unusual circumstances.  Some become victim of the circumstances and some perpetrator. For the victims, these circumstances are like Hitler, who dictates them, who controls them. He attacks through the U-boats of lack of confidence, lack of faith and brings the victim down to the knees. Victim is unaware that this Hitler doesn’t exists.

In such cases, there forms a circle of circumstances. While running from an event another event from past is just ahead of us. It’s like your back* is on fire and you are running towards fire. This circle is often hard to break. It requires lot of courage(and all the positive stuff you can recall) to get out of this. But wait!!! There is a simple solution to turn this Hitler into Charlie Chaplin.

It’s simple. Do not let circumstances control you. You change your circumstances. You’ll say this looks good when it’s in words on a paper or on this blog. But in real life it is difficult. That is not the case. When you are thinking of such a thing your back* is already on fire. You are waiting for fire engine to blow out. Keep waiting. That wait may last forever. Or just oppose the circumstances.

Charlie ChaplinLet the Charlie Chaplin make you laugh. Then the U-boats will take a U-turn and will vanish deep into the sea of happiness. The circle of circumstances will turn into a ring with which you can play as you want. Just like the dancers in the circus who rotating it around the waist. That will also keep you fit by loosing some fat around that area. 😀

* :- You can replace this word by “ass” for better understanding.

Till the next Chaplin adventure…

Think Nonsense…