The Big Small Car – Nano

What happens when you say the word Nano? You probably remember something tiny. May be Hummingbird. May be iPod. May be some tiny gadget. But whatever it is, it is small. It lacks the bigness. Now the things are going to change. Nano is not small. It is big. It is huge. This is reality. Welcome to the world of Nano.

Today was the day when Tata Nano was launched. Successfully launched. Millions of eyes were waiting for this moment. The car they have been waiting for over year. This car aims to fulfill the dreams of every person who wants to buy a car. Why not? When you can get a car with decent amount of features for 1Lakh rupees then why not?


Sadly, they have to wait. They have to wait for more than what they think. The demand for this car is huge. Production of this car doesn’t live up to it’s expectation. It will take a hell lot of time and good amount of luck to get this car parked in your garage. Also expect long…  Very long queue’s when you’ll go for booking this car in mid April.

There are only two plants where this car is produced. This is as far as I know. The scale of this is very less. It would have been different if the Singur plant was allowed. Also this car is not on first come first serve basis. There will be a lottery from which names will be chosen. They will get the cars. Good thing is that only one car per person.

Nano will also give rise to traffic problems. Already they are worse. Whatever it is. People won’t refrain from buying this car. It’s affordable and their pocket’s won’t get burned. Three cheers for Nano..

That’s a big fish

Big fishClick To Magnify

There are times when you run to catch a big fish. And on a lucky day you catch one big fish. But what happens then?? You sit on a rock nearby and start thinking what to do with that big fish. You don’t seem to find a way to get out of this. Isn’t it possible to share that fish. You keep yourself enough of it and share the rest. Even if you are eating machine, still it will take a long time to finish it up.

Happiness is just like that big fish. When you get it share it with someone else. A friend of your’s or may be a colleague. That will increase your happiness. There will be a day at least when they will talk to you about this moment long after the event. If you keep all of it to yourself, It will rot. The result may be in terms of bad smell. You certainly don’t want that.

I am a vegetarian so that big fish is not a problem for me. You can replace the big fish with a gigantic pumpkin if you want. Story will still remain the same. There will be one more common problem in both cases. How will you transport the whole thing? 😉

Happy Fishing…

The Big Bang Experiment

By this time you have read enough about this. I cannot resist writing about this. I had to wait till Saturday where this post suits the best. So the experiment is started and nothing has happened to our planet. I am still alive and so you are. I was forced to write because of a news I read in paper. A girl committed suicide with the fear of explosion. No guesses that she was illiterate and studied till third grade only.

So what is this experiment?? What is this Large Hadron Collider or LHC?? This LHC is world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator. A particle accelerator is something which uses electric fields to propel electrically-charged particles to high speeds. You can assume that LHC is like a our CRT monitors or TV’s but at a larger scale.

What is the purpose of this experiment?? Scientists are trying to solve the mysteries of universe. How it was born?? What was there before?? What is this dark matter actually?? To tell you the fact that this dark matter occupies 22% of universe. If they succeed in experiment then we will probably know 22% of universe at least. That in turn will be a huge achievement and many mysteries may be solved.

This experiment is being conducted in a circular tunnel, 27km long, at Geneva. It took almost 14 years to make the tunnel ready for experiment. Now it’s started on 10th September. The energy will increase later. This is just start. It will take time for the results. It is indeed amazing that big bang alike situation will be created on our very own Earth. Now wait for the results. You can read more about LHC here.