Age is NOT just a number

​No. Age is not just a number.

It’s what you have achieved and what you have failed to achieve. 

It’s people you love and those who hate you. 

It’s what you love and what you hate. 

It’s you being stubborn and it’s you being compromising. 

It’s letting new people into your life and losing some. 

It’s everything. 

It’s everything compressed into two digits. Sometimes three.. 

So NO. Age is NOT just a number. 


​Pain is generally an unpleasant emotion. A spontaneous response from body to something it doesn’t want to keep inside. It is an alarm to some threat that is being caused to damage us. Starting with the first moment outside the womb, This one emotion always stays with you till the end of your life. Sometimes, It is a supplementary reaction to another emotion. Like when you laugh too much, You feel the pain in your stomach or cheeks. 

When I was a kid, little things used to cause pain. The obvious reaction to pain was the crying. This is often the case with everyone. Because that is the period of your life when you don’t know how to handle the pain. You aren’t used to it. As you age, you learn to suppress your pain. The intensity of which varies from person to person. 

There is one important fact that lies behind the pain. Many of us,  either aren’t aware of the fact or they ignore it. I found it the hard way. That fact is… Pain is what because of which you feel you are alive. How else would you find out that you are alive? Pinch a dead person and it won’t react. Pinch a live person, There will be some reaction to it. That’s what makes pain special. Pain makes you feel you are alive. That you exists. 

Over the years, As I said before, I have learned to suppress pain. That’s normal until a couple of days back.. I felt terrible. I questioned my existence. It was a small incident. I went to a hospital to get an injection. The syringe always gives you pain. That was my experience. But that day, I couldn’t feel anything. I was confused. Shocked. It happened again today when I didn’t feel anything after the injection. Am I dead? This question crossed my mind a thousand times. I couldn’t answer. I just tried to fool myself by telling that the nurses are good. They must have been trained well. What could have been other reason? 

Still, At the time of writing this I am expecting pain. I want some pain. Pain to make feel I am alive. 

I am not dead… Yet..

Also, I am not a Ghost Writer… 

So until I feel some pain..
Think Nonsense.. 

गुढीपाडव्याच्या शुभेच्छा

तिथी : चैत्र शुक्ल प्रतिपदा
नक्षत्र : उत्तरा भाद्रपदा
संवत्सर : हेमलम्ब
अयन : उत्तरायण
ऋतू : वसंत
शक : १९३९

नूतन हिंदू वर्षाच्या या मंगल समयी या भारत देशात हिंदू साम्राज्य स्थापन करण्याचा आम्ही संकल्प करू.
दूषित विचार मनातून  काढून टाकू व मंगल विचार ग्रहण करु.
चैतन्याची गुढी उभारुन, एक नवीन सुरुवात करू.

हिंदू नववर्षाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा…

The Escape Artist

The last couple of months have been really pushing me to the edge. More troubles, challenges, wins, defeats. But I have got plenty of time to escape every weekend. Except escaping from everything. I managed to survive for last couple of years but I am actually living the last couple of months. Whatever it is, I am happy.

Sometimes, I feel I am matured. But a part of me doesn’t agree and doesn’t want me to be. The confusion might have resulted in an equilibrium.

I have learned to accept the bitter truths. This is the time I have to work towards what I want to achieve. If it’s not now, I’ll never be able to do it. Ten years down the road, I would like to see myself immersed in an abnormal life. And this is the crucial year to lay foundation for that. It will take time to settle. It’s not easy like cooking two minutes noodles. Even the two minutes noodles take more time to cook than they claim. Patience is not just an ordinary key. It’s a master key. I have find the right door to unlock. Patience will guide me through it.

This is not an overdose of self help books. I would love to read those books but I prefer to re read The Alchemist. I hope I succeed.

एक पेड

एक मामुली सा पेड है वह
सुनसान बंजर जमीन पे
वक्त के थपेडे खाता
बस एक मामुली पेड

पत्ता पत्ता सूख रहा है
और तेज हवा
पत्तों को पेड से अलग करती
एक-एक शाख को नंगा करती

कुछ समय पुर्व
माहौल कुछ अलग था
हर शाख थी हरी भरी
पत्ता पत्ता खीला हुआ

दूर कही से पंछी आया
थका हुआ सा पनाह लेने
हरा भरा देख उस पेड को
वही घरोंदा कर बैठा वो

प्रातः से सांज तक
उस पंछी की चहचहाहट
एक नयी उमंग भर देती
नये नये ख्वाब संजोकर

वक्त गुजरा, मौसम बदला
सुखे का मौसम आया
हर पल एक पत्ता
लेता गया अपने साथ

देख यह, वह पंछी घबराया
कडी धूप वो न सह पाया
निकल पडा उस पेड को छोड
तलाश में एक नया पेड

मायुसी ने पेड को गले लगाया
सुखे ने अपना रंग गहराया
और पेड जब खाली घरोंदा देखता
बेहद उदास वह बन जाता

उस पेड ने सुना था कभी
ये वक्त भी गुजर जायेगा
सांज कभी  सांज न रहेगी
नया सवेरा जरूर आयेगा

एक अरसा हुआ वक्त को गुजरे
वही.. उसी जगह खडा है वह
नंगी शाखों से सजा हुआ
एक मामुली सा पेड

                                                          – शून्य