Finally Upgraded to WordPress 3.0

It’s been almost a year or so when I last upgraded my wordpress.  Main reason behind this laziness was that I was not having any problems with the version I was using, WP 2.8.3. I wasn’t much worried about the security as my blog was not a rich and famous types. Only one hacking attempt in last two years. Also the features which WordPress 3.0 boasts.. I don’t need them. At least for now.

So why did I upgrade? I upgraded just to make myself feel that I live in year 2010. That’s it. If you are a hardcore wordpress fan then you probably want to punch me in my face. But that’s the truth. I was much disappointed with the wordpress 3.0 beta. What I expected in wordpress 3.0 was that it shouldn’t be considered as a mere blog script. It should be a full fledged CMS. At present you need special themes designed for wordpress to look as a CMS\portal. I expected this to be in built in wordpress 3.0. Imagine if someone wants a website for his guitar store. Not to sell but just to showcase what they sell. He cannot afford a web designer and he doesn’t have enough knowledge to built a website. All he knows is wordpress. You believe it or not,but wordpress is so designed that anyone can use it.

But sadly, wordpress is a blog script. You can’t turn it into a simple website. This is what I expected. there should have been an option to display wordpress as traditional website. This would have been a revolution. I am sure, most of the small scale websites would switch to wordpress.

That said, I am still happy with the progress of wordpress. In coming days, I expect it to meet the requirements of common user.

For those who don’t know what have changed in wordpress 3.0, here is the changelog.

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  1. I think if you save the file directory along with the database, you are pretty safe to upgrade and then revert back to the old version if things go poorly.

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