Behind the bars

Animals….They are amazing and interesting. Most of us love to watch them. I’m one of those who love to watch them but not in the cage. They should be free like we are. We don’t have restriction of any cages unless we are criminals. It’s a different thing that now a days criminals roam freely and innocent are put behind the bars. But are these animals criminals?? Nope.

Then why are they caged?? It’s really a pleasure to watch them roam freely in open environment. I know this because I’ve seen some animals and birds in cage and out of the cage. I remember the peacock I saw in wild life sanctuary. And then in the jungles. There is a lot of difference. The one in cage lacks the class and of course the freedom enjoyed by the one not in cage.

It’s a pleasure to watch a peacock dancing with few others in an open environment. I could never get close to him as they run away from humans very quickly. And they disappear very quickly. Most of the time you’ll find a feather fallen off in the way. That’s a gift he want to give. It’s precious as it’s not been taken away from the bird.

There are these rich peoples who want to show off by having a wild animal in house. And due to their needs there are markets where you find such animals. They are kept in brutal conditions and many of them loose their senses and health there. Also the lack of food or improper food is another reason. I’ve heard that you can find almost any wild animal for sale in Thailand. I don’t know why actions are never been taken on these.

Then there come some NGO’s and animal rescue squads to rescue the animals from cages. It’s a really difficult task to put them again in natural environment. they need to adjust to the natural environment. That is tragic thing. There may be an animal who is used to drink Coke or Pepsi. After the rescue it’s very difficult to find it in jungles. No one will open a stall for animals.

If you have wild animal(I’m not talking about wife’s) in your house then please free him. Let him enjoy a free life as you do.

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