ImageWatermarker 1.1

When you are posting images in blogs or forums, You like to have a watermark on them. So that all know its been uploaded by you. If you are running a blog or a website, You use this to prevent copying. Even if someone copies he’ll be advertising for your site. πŸ™‚

There are many utilities available to watermark images. Very few are free and this is one of them. The actual application size is just 24KB. When I downloaded this I thought it’ll be a junk program. But then it’s coded with .NET. It’s small and serves my purpose. Remember that it’s a simple watermarker. You can change font, font size, bold, italics and underline text. You can change the position of watermark and its rotation.

Things I miss is settings or options. Every time I open this program I’ve to type the text again and the font and the font size. If this would have been as an option then this would be a great utility. though it is without the above features. the second thing is the image quality. The image quality deteriorates when you save it. And the file size decreases drastically due to that. But the difference is noticeable only if you look very carefully and compare with original image.

Download ImageWatermarker 1.1

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