A Reason To Rejoice

A busy day at your working place. You get out of that place for your way to home. Open the gate and then the door to enter your house. You are tired from today’s work and want some rest, to start your day again the same way tomorrow. Before you do that you get a surprise visit from your friend and he invites you for a party.

Forgetting that you are tired, you go with your friend. Suddenly you realize you forgot to close the gate and door when you entered the house. You opened the gates for rejoicing. You then have a great time with your friends. You dance, cheer, sing, laugh. You turn into joyful person.

When you return home from party you realize what you were missing. These things were in your To-do list. Time for these things never arrived. They were always for Tomorrow. They were never listed for Today. Trying to find out the reason, Angel of sleep take you with him in his kingdom.

The next morning, while having your breakfast, your eyes go on the newspaper. The headline is about some terrorist attack. Below it is a news about an accident. Then there is news about murder. Same news looks a bit different to you now. “What if?” is the question that whirls in your mind. What if something happens to me today? What if I die today? I’ll never be able to see tomorrow. My plans for tomorrow are not valid and they will never be. I cannot assume. I may not get tomorrow.

So why not start rejoicing today? Do the things you liked yesterday night. Dance, cheer, sing, laugh. They will make you happy. They will make you happy today. Tomorrow a war may start, An explosion may destroy everything. That is because hatred and terror is spread all over the world. Terror is global. If terror is global then why not laughter? Why not happiness?

Start doing all joyful things today. Involve some more people around you into this. Let this thing spread. If there is happiness and love everywhere then there is no place for hatred. Even if everything gets destroyed and you die, You die rejoicing. In India we say that souls are immortal. When you die happy you are happy forever. So spread the word.
Give a reason to rejoice…
Be a reason to rejoice…

P.S:- Please close the doors and gates of your house else you may loose some wealth. It is not necessary that you’ll always get your friends visit when you keep them open.

Don’t forget to live


There is a long time period between the moment we are born and the moment we die. That time period we call as life. We have to live that. Don’t waste this valuable time in things you are not supposed to do. Neither waste your time doing nothing. At some stage you will face the situation stated in above picture. Don’t ever let that happen to you.

When we are kids, we don’t know life. We live it without any restrictions. The way we want. We laugh many times. No one have to tell us to enjoy the life. As we grow up, we stop living life under the burden of expectation and responsibilities. They do have priorities. But Never let them surpass your living.

Sing – Even if your voice is as bad a crow.(I am with you :biggrin: )
Dance – Like no one is watching you and Even if your dancing makes someone forget theirs.
Laugh – Even if people call you mad. Only make sure you are not sent to asylum.

Live your Life and…

Think Nonsense…

Sunny one so true

While watching the movie CJ7, this song just sparked me up. This song plays in the end of the movie. The movie is good and you can watch it at least once. But this song is forever. I don’t know how I missed this song to copy to my favorites on hard disk. I quickly searched the 7000+ songs archive and found this along with “Rasputin”. These song remind me of my school days, especially the send off when these were played.

I played this song in media player for almost 15 times. Thirst for this song is still not over. It was midnight and I wanted to sing this song loudly. Those dogs might not like this so I controlled my urge. There is a contract between the dogs and peoples living in my area. You don’t disturb us, we don’t disturb you. So far it is going great and we are having silent nights.

Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain.
Sunny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain.
The dark days are gone, and the bright days are here,
My sunny one shines so sincere.
Sunny one so true, I love you.

I would like to replace “Sunny” by “Bloggy”. It’s the name I gave to my blog. Well I don’t have any pets. Bloggy has certainly affected me in positive manner. It’s nice to see, it’s nice to feel, peoples reading my blog and giving opinions. My life was filled with rain and this “Sunny” came in and I was able to see the Rainbow. That has added some more colors to my life.

There is one question that always comes in front of me and I cannot answer him. He just laughs and goes away only to come again. Why the old songs are close to our hearts rather than the new ones? Is it because old is gold? Is it because of lyrics? Some of the today’s songs also have good lyrics but they never replace the old ones. Is there any song that can replace “Summer of 69”? Nope. I think it’s better I stop searching for the answer. When it comes again I’ll just point him towards you.

Till it finds you keep singing..
Sunny one so true….
I love you….