The Big Small Car – Nano

What happens when you say the word Nano? You probably remember something tiny. May be Hummingbird. May be iPod. May be some tiny gadget. But whatever it is, it is small. It lacks the bigness. Now the things are going to change. Nano is not small. It is big. It is huge. This is reality. Welcome to the world of Nano.

Today was the day when Tata Nano was launched. Successfully launched. Millions of eyes were waiting for this moment. The car they have been waiting for over year. This car aims to fulfill the dreams of every person who wants to buy a car. Why not? When you can get a car with decent amount of features for 1Lakh rupees then why not?


Sadly, they have to wait. They have to wait for more than what they think. The demand for this car is huge. Production of this car doesn’t live up to it’s expectation. It will take a hell lot of time and good amount of luck to get this car parked in your garage. Also expect long…  Very long queue’s when you’ll go for booking this car in mid April.

There are only two plants where this car is produced. This is as far as I know. The scale of this is very less. It would have been different if the Singur plant was allowed. Also this car is not on first come first serve basis. There will be a lottery from which names will be chosen. They will get the cars. Good thing is that only one car per person.

Nano will also give rise to traffic problems. Already they are worse. Whatever it is. People won’t refrain from buying this car. It’s affordable and their pocket’s won’t get burned. Three cheers for Nano..

Problems… A lot of them

I am going through a lot of problems both in real life and online. Forget the real life for now. I am having problems with my hosting. I think they lost my database and cannot find the backup. That suxx. I was too busy and didn’t backup my blog in last one and half month. So I am F****D up.

I will try to gather all the thing and back to normal in 3-4 days time.

Till then…

Think Nonsense…

It’s soon enough

I feel like spamming with this message. I am back online after six days. Six days without internet. Imagine I didn’t switched on my PC for a whole day. I can now say that’s possible. So whenever you think something is impossible, then go offline. Things become possible in real life.

Out of the six days, I must say I wasted two days in configuring one of my script offline on WAMP. I haven’t figured out how to make changes yet. After two days of wasting I thought better use these days for some reading. I started reading a book which I bought from library and finished fifty pages in two hours. Conclusion.. I have not forgot how to read books.

Then internet became irresistible and I logged in from my office PC. Yesterdays post was from that PC. I don’t like to use it as it contains lot’s of spywares. I am very evil. Why should I repair it for free? :devil: I have to change password for my blog now.

The “Very soon” was really “Very soon”. I am online within a day.
“Kisi cheez ko agar dil se chaho to puri kayanat tumhein usase milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai”.
I’ll translate it.
“If you have a strong desire for something then the whole world tries to get you closer to it.”

Till you desire for desire…
Think Nonsense…

I am not dead

This post is just to inform you that I am not dead. I don’t think ghosts can write a message on blogs. It is just my internet connection which is keeping me away from blogging. I’ll be back soon, very soon with your daily dose of nonsense.

Till then…
Think Nonsense…

Problems with blogging

It’s been long since I have written anything about blogging. Did I write?? So this post breaks the silence. For the past few days I am having troubles with my blog. They are getting bigger and bigger. I am sharing them here so that I may get some help and some solutions if any. The list is small but the problems are big.

The first one is database error. This is really frustrating. Everyday I try to find more and more ways to attract real users, I succeed and then these errors. I have informed the admin. Let’s see when this get resolved. If this doesn’t get resolved in two days, I’ll be moving to another host for sure. My hobby of blogging is now my passion which is hard to hurt. Continue reading →