एक पेड

एक मामुली सा पेड है वह
सुनसान बंजर जमीन पे
वक्त के थपेडे खाता
बस एक मामुली पेड

पत्ता पत्ता सूख रहा है
और तेज हवा
पत्तों को पेड से अलग करती
एक-एक शाख को नंगा करती

कुछ समय पुर्व
माहौल कुछ अलग था
हर शाख थी हरी भरी
पत्ता पत्ता खीला हुआ

दूर कही से पंछी आया
थका हुआ सा पनाह लेने
हरा भरा देख उस पेड को
वही घरोंदा कर बैठा वो

प्रातः से सांज तक
उस पंछी की चहचहाहट
एक नयी उमंग भर देती
नये नये ख्वाब संजोकर

वक्त गुजरा, मौसम बदला
सुखे का मौसम आया
हर पल एक पत्ता
लेता गया अपने साथ

देख यह, वह पंछी घबराया
कडी धूप वो न सह पाया
निकल पडा उस पेड को छोड
तलाश में एक नया पेड

मायुसी ने पेड को गले लगाया
सुखे ने अपना रंग गहराया
और पेड जब खाली घरोंदा देखता
बेहद उदास वह बन जाता

उस पेड ने सुना था कभी
ये वक्त भी गुजर जायेगा
सांज कभी  सांज न रहेगी
नया सवेरा जरूर आयेगा

एक अरसा हुआ वक्त को गुजरे
वही.. उसी जगह खडा है वह
नंगी शाखों से सजा हुआ
एक मामुली सा पेड

                                                          – शून्य

Life Is Sweet

Time passes very quickly. It’s been a month since I posted. Frankly speaking, I didn’t realize it’s been that long. It just seems yesterday. While skimming through my diary, I found a poem. It’s not by me. I may have found it on some newspaper or magazine. It’s my habit to keep such pieces together in one diary. Credit to the original writer. A message to everyone…

One day I was thinking what is life,
A sweet girl told me love is life,
My friends told me faith is life,
And my mother told me courage is life,
I was puzzled in search of life,
In a dream, an old man appeared,
He said,
“Don’t waste your time adding three or four
Time is less and work is more
Life is a name of mix and naught.
Some things are, valuable and short,
The longest life at death must end.
Your length of days, can’t extend.
So search for ever, never to fail,
If you fall, then don’t recall,
If you are fair in your role,
You will soon achieve your goal.”
He said this and disappeared……..
Now I knew life is sweet.
Which money can never buy.

Shower of Rain


Today I can forget my Yesterdays post. So do you. Just when I was troubled by heat, Shower of rain cooled the things. I am much relieved from the heat. At least I’ll be able to concentrate more on the work. Funny thing is that, there is very less work for me when it rains. That may not be the case here on this job.

Smell of soil in the air is an indication of thirsty Earth getting relief from the baking heat of Sun. Hot air is replaced by cold breeze and this is the perfect time for a tea or coffee with “Pakodas”. Luckily, I had both today. The lethal combination of above will be recalled many more times later this monsoon. I am always waiting for such moments.

Till that time comes…
Think Nonsense…

Rest In Peace

You protected me from thorns
You protected me from nails
You protected me from water
You protected me from stony path

You gave me confidence to walk anywhere
You gave me confidence to climb sloping path
You gave me confidence to kick anyone
You gave me confidence to run without slipping

Now your time is up
Thanks for everything you gave me
Your journey ends here
Our relation ends here

But I will not forget you
You’ll be always my favorite
Thanks for the one and half year journey with me
May your “sole” rest in peace

Thanks for everything…
Thanks for everything my lovely pair of shoes…

I am tired of being tired

Tired cat

An empty chair to seat
for my legs to get some rest
and my bumps to have some stress
Pain in body is relieved
but not vanished

Standing up relieves my bumps
And puts stress on my legs
I feel the pain
It gets worse
What is happening to me?

Pile of files in front of me
I am trying to focus
Cool breeze kisses me
My eyes are closing now
What was there in that breeze?

Out there under the sun
He is trying to suck me
Like orange juice
For me, water is not enough
Nothing is enough
Thirst is never satisfied

My bed is not my friend
Not anymore
Laying on bed hurts
All the pain at same time
Then my eyes get closed
It doesn’t take long

The symptoms are repeated
They seem to be perpetual
once again the same question
What is happening to me?
I am tired
I am tired of being tired