The Game of Olympics

There are many definitions of life. One of them is that Life is a game. Yeah life is a game. It becomes fun when you realize that it is game. We all love games. Whatever age we are we love at least one type of game or sport. Is there anyone who doesn’t have such likings?? He needs some treatment. The game becomes more fun when you realize that it’s just game.

I am writing this because of the ongoing Olympics in China. It is almost twelve days after the games started and I am writing about it now. I never had a really good topic to write a post. What would I write?? Phelps making world record of 8 Golds?? Talk about the record number of records broken?? Talk about throwing medals after winning?? No. You have newspapers and TV for such things.

I am totally unaware of the games. The only thing that gives some knowledge about the Olympics is daily newspaper. On the sports page I find the record setters. Most of these days all focus was on Phelps. And on inner pages there were some articles about our athletes. Disappointing performance by Indians. The only good part is we won a gold in shooting.

Olympics is set of games. Read the wiki pages to know more about wiki. There are different types of games originating from different countries. The athletes need to play the game in sporty manner. It’s just a game. Realize that. There should be free environment for athletes. There should be no pressure put on an athlete making him strive for gold. These expectation often kill the athlete.

The money behind the winner tempts others. Almost every state gave our only gold winner many perks. Free lifetime railway pass, Cash money, Money by check etc. Will he continue the journey?? He got enough to settle down. He should continue. Yesterday Liu Xiang failed due to injury. There were lot of expectations. He was everywhere. They forgot it’s just a game.

Games need to be played in the way they are. Just to entertain yourself. I hope something similar gets out there.

Think Nonsense…