Helping hand

Goat helping Horse

Help is what you always hesitate to ask for. Me too. I cannot ask for help from someone even though I am sure that if I ask he will help for sure. It is the human nature which has evolved over the time. Looking back, I find that it was easy to ask for someones help when I was kid. Now it is difficult. I cannot ask for help. I have to figure things out myself.

Helping someone is great. I love to help anyone if it is not going against me. How can you expect me to help you for creating troubles against me? It is possible thing with a fool. I am a fool but not this much. I help to make others fool. That brings out cheer and a beer if it is with friends. Helping others also helps to build your image.

When to ask help is a big question. You cannot ask for help when that person is in toilet or bathroom. Take the above photo as an example. Goat is helping horse to scratch his back. Looks like there is shortage of labors. Would you ask for help? Or do you ask for help anytime?

Till you think for the answer…

Think Nonsense…

One day with headache

I am not talking about my boss of work. I am not talking about my team leader(Wait.. there is no team leader). I am not talking about my girlfriend(It’s different from girl-friend. The hyphen clearly marks the difference. What’s more!!! I don’t have one). I am not talking about the beggar who bugs you every time when you are at the bus stop. I am talking about the headache. The one which gives pain in your head.

Yesterday I got a headache. I was on site and suddenly it started. I wasn’t able to have my complete lunch. Even the 2 liters of water. I took rest in my site office and decided to go half day. Well it wasn’t there for me. Some clients were to come on site and hence I had to be there on site. Then in the evening there was unnecessary dispute of the labor contractor and the boss of my work. My headache increased.

It almost happens every time that when I want to leave early, something happens and I have to stay late. I was there on site till 6:45pm. I asked the labor contractor to drop me at bus stop. I was hoping for a seat to sleep. Nope. At least I got a place to stand. I tried to sleep while standing. It’s a very difficult task to do. I wonder how horses manage that.

I came home. Refreshed myself and straight to bed. No dinner, No mails, No talking. Today when I woke up I decided to take a day off. Feeling good now. I’ll take rest for some more time and will try to complete pending work online. There is a lot of it. Only thing I wish is that this headache shouldn’t come again today and ruin things.

Think Nonsense…