The bond of love

The bond of love

This is just another kind of love. Today valentines day is celebrated throughout the world. 99% of that is just to express love for boyfriend or girlfriend. Don’t forget to express your love towards your close ones, who have been with you more than anyone else.

Repeating again this year also. Don’t wait for valentines day to express your love. Say it the moment you realize it.

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Car pile-up

On express highways, you often find car pile-up. That is obviously due to the very high speed driving. Just a fraction of brake can end up with a pile-up. I have personally seen one. Not a huge one. The one I remember most is from a movie named Final Destination 3. It doesn’t look exaggerated in spite of being fictional. There is one more type of car pile-up.


I haven’t seen cars piled up in such a fashion. Most of the times, Cars moving from factory to showroom are transported via lorry in horizontal position and tied to the base. Hats off to the above “creative” risky idea which may end up in real pile-up.

Till you think a crazy idea…

Think Nonsense…

Free Online Adobe Photoshop

Adobe has released its Photoshop Express web-based imaging application as a public beta. Web based application meaning you dont have to install it on your PC. Just point to the website. Photoshop Express uses much of Adobe’s image editing technology and has been re purposed as a web-based application. Users can store up to 2GB of images online for free, make edits to their photos and share them online. Photoshop Express also allows users to download and upload photos from popular social networking sites like Facebook. The application provides ’standard edits’, such as removing blemishes and red-eye, converting to black and white, cropping and resizing.

Photoshop Express also offers tricks like Pop Color which selects an object in an image, mutes the background color of the photo and allows the user to swap the object’s color so that it “jumps off the page”. Sketch effects make photos look like drawings, and a Distort feature allows users to distort facial features or objects for a comical or artistic effect.

Checkout this software during it’s beta stage.

Valentines Day – Ek Natya

हा माझ्या इंग्रजी पोस्टचा अनुवाद आहे. करावासा वाटला.

आज Valentines day. बहुतेक तरुण मंडळी हा दिवस आपले प्रेम व्यक्त करण्यासाठी “वापरतात”. मी असले “दिवस” साजरे करण्याच्या विरुद्ध आहे. वेळ बदलत आहे. माणुस पैश्यामागे वेडा होत चालला आहे. आणि त्यामुळे त्याला आपले प्रेम व्यक्त करण्यासाठी वेळ मिळत नाही. त्यामुळे हे दिवस जन्माला आले. त्यामुळेच Mothers day, Fathers Day, Peace Day, Friendship Day (माफ़ करा Friendship week) असे दिवस साजरे केले जातात.

पण अशा दिवसांसाठी थांबायचे का? तुम्हाला जर काहि बोलायचे आहे, प्रेम व्यक्त करायचे आहे, तर ते सरळ का बोलले जात नाही. हा संकोच फ़क्त दोन माणसांमध्ये अंतर निर्माण करतो. अशा “दिवसां” साठी थांबु नका.
प्रेम व्यक्त करा.

Think Nonsense..

Valentines Day

Today is valentines day. Many celebrate it to express love towards someone. but personally I’m against it. Time is changing and man always runs after money. he gets no time to express love. Hence the “Days” in the year. We have Mothers day, Fathers Day, Peace Day, Friendship Day(Sorry its Friendship week).

So we wait for these Days to arrive to express something. But for me Everyday is these “Days”. Why someone has to wait to express himself\herself?? If you want ot express say it. The hesitation does nothing but the distance between two persons. So don’t wait for such “Days”. Just say it.

Think Nonsense…