I cnt liv widout spel chckr

Did you notice? You were able to read the title correctly without any problem. Human mind can interpret the words written in the above manner. this quality is exploited and is being used in many places. Mostly this “places” refer to online hangouts, chatrooms, websites, blogs and we have mobiles. If you are not tech savvy  then probably mobiles is the place where you must have used this pattern of writing or texting to your friend colleague.

This thing turns out to be a good mind exercise. If you get too much of SMS in this particular language pattern then your brain gets good exercise. It remains fit and such mental exercise often increases your productivity(Do you feel I am exaggerating??). The only downside may be the phone bills for the replies of such messages. If you get too much messages you also need to reply to them in order to keep the communication. Continue reading →