Daisy The Curly Cat

I am late with today’s blog review. Many of you may have already visited here for the new blog which I am going to review. At least my counter says so. The problem was my ISP and then I had to upgrade the WordPress. Lets keep that aside and start the review. Today’s blog is a bit different. This was first of it’s kind I found. Later on I discovered some more. This is a blog about a cat. A cats diary. Can you imagine?? Looking at the blog I was sure the author must be a lady. I was right. Confirmation needed though. The blog I am talking about is Daisy The Curly Cat.

I stole that image from the blog. 👿 Hope she doesn’t mind. I was amazed by the thought of a cats diary. After reading the posts you’ll feel that actually a cat writes there. It’s so real. Illustrated with the help of great pictures the story actually comes live. You feel the story. Reading the about me I got some info about the cat which went over my head. May be it’s a type of species. Cats name is Daisy. I don’t have to tell this now. Continue reading →


When you are in trouble you need advice. And you should get one from an experienced person. Especially someone who have gone through that trouble earlier. It is indeed difficult to think about solutions when the trouble knocks you down. The one who survive is great. Otherwise you meet the failure.

How to choose an advisor?? I’ve to write in depth detailed post regarding that. This post is a salute to the advisor shown in picture. If you are a literate animal reading my blog, please do not eat the one who gives advice to you. It’s not ethical. It’s human things and no animal should do that.

Dog chicken and advisor

What advice do you think the dog is taking?? I think about his love problems. :love:


If you have a dog, then this must be a familiar situation. I don’t have a dog but I’ve seen such thing happening. Dogs running around, barking, making strange sounds to avoid bath. Oh.. And I’ve seen human being species acting like that also. It’s surprising how dogs and humans acts similar on same thing.