You have to let go

You could be mad as a mad dog
at the way things went.

You can swear and
curse the fates…

but when it comes to the end…

you have to let go.

We become mad. As mad as a mad dog. Everyone tastes this feeling at least once in his life span. This happens especially when someone close to us, hurts us. A mad dog doesn’t know what he is doing. He keeps biting anyone who comes in his way. Similarly when we go mad, we also bite. This is not physical bite but gives more pain than the physical one.

The difference between “mad dog” and “as mad as mad dog” is that the first one often finds a bullet in his head. When a mad dog bites with his sharp teeth, it hurts but is curable. As far as I know you need to take six injections and done. It’s different case compared to “as mad as mad dog” where the sharp tooth of words often does an irreparable damage. The result is deep valley in between which is hard to fill.

We separate. Distance prevails. What we forget that although this valley cannot be filled, a bridge can connect the two sides. Time never stops. It keeps running. When it comes to an end, we let the things go. We have to let them go. We keep cursing god or fate not knowing that it is us. A question arises… Why it takes an end to let go? If you answer this then you won’t have to face the question again. You’ll just let go..

P.S.: Movies freaks know the source of first six line and for non-freak its The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. A beautiful and very different storyline. Don’t let this go…

Till the next time…

Think Nonsense…

Innocent Questions II

I started this series a few days back. I know you are lazy so here is the link to the first one. And now comes the second one.

A little girl was diligently pounding away on her grandfather’s word processor. She told him she was writing a story.
“What’s it about?” he asked.
“I don’t know,” she replied. “I can’t read.”

This was one of the oldest joke I read or heard. But it was a bit different. There instead of little girl an illiterate person used to say that. There is a huge difference between both. You’ll never call the later one as innocence. You’ll call him a dumb person or at least you’ll say illiterate. But not to that girl.

The curiosity during this age is at the highest level. The girl wants to know how to type and how it works. I am not going through other 9998 questions which will make thousands of questions. I don’t have that much brain power. The girl does have. In fact all little angels (or devils in my case at least) have this curiosity. They dare to do things on own to cure the curiosity.

Do you?? I’m many times afraid to go for new things unless under guidance. That is most probably when things are not related to my field. Or things which I’m not confident of. I wish I still had the guts like that of girl. She doesn’t have to worry about word processor.

Think Nonsense…