Kaminey if Fuperbbbb

It’s 14th August and is the release day of Kaminey. I was waiting for this movie for long. It created a lot of interest through it’s music, music videos, trailers and a lot of other things. I already made up my mind for the first day first show. Fortunately got on time with my friends in inox hoping for a good movie at least. What’s waiting for me inside was a surprise.

Recently there is a trend of making dark comedies or dark films. I loved Dev.D then Welcome to Sajjanpur and now this one. It’s a dark comedy which tries to picturize the world of twin brothers. Like every twin brother story, here also one brother is on white side and other is on dark side. They both hate each other. Guddu or Sanjay is a shy guy who stammers. Exception is when he sings. Sweety is the girl who loves him very much (without the clothes). This love goes beyond boundaries creating boi boi situation and then they decide to marry.

Sweety has a sweet brother Bhope, who cares a lot for her. When he becomes aware of the fact that Sweety is in love with Guddu then he runs after Guddu to kill him. On the other side Charlie, the dark twin who lisps, has got his own philosophy of success. He is a bookie who looses all his money due to double cross. Going after the backstabber he find shortcut to get rich. And here for the first time in years, life of both brothers overlap. What happens then? Will Guddu be able to escape from hands of Bhope? Will charlie’s shortcut to success lead him to success? Watch the movie for the answers.

On the acting front, Shahid does well in playing the role of two different identities. Priyanka is good and in many scenes outperform Shahid but I thought she got short screen appearance. Bhope, played by Amol Gupte, is terrific. He performs in an unique style. Other than these all come and go. The film is fast in the first half, Runs like local train for sometime and then gets speed near the end. You need patience after the half as there are hardly any scenes that will giggle you. The end of the movie would have been a classic if one brother would have died. That doesn’t happen and the film has happy ending as always.

Music of the film is above average. Most of the time you’ll hear Dhan te dhan. The choreography is like what we dance when we want to dance. It’s common and close to reality. Since the picture is dark comedy, every frame looks dark. Even when there is daylight it looks dark. This film Got A Certificate which actors say it doesn’t deserve. For me it does.

Overall I can give this film 7.5/10. Would love to watch this again…

A Twisted Male

Last week Sony television launched some new TV serials in prime time slot. I am kind of alien to TV serials. But there is one show I was curious about. A lot of advertisement and publicity was thrown on this show. It was like the focus of all changes in Sony. That show is named Bhaskar-Bharati. I was unaware of the story structure at that time. It turned out to be a good comedy.

Sadly the story is derived from an Argentine TV comedy show Lalola. The hero or the main character is a big flirt and doesn’t respect women. This guy is Bhaskar Bharati. One “fine” day the girl with whom he flirts prays to God and tells God to give Bhaskar punishment. God turns Bhaskar into female. Now Bhaskar Bharati is Bharati Bhaskar.

I saw a movie based on a similar story named “Mr Ya Miss”. Poor script and execution turned this movie into blunder. But here this script looks good and gives a nice feel to the story. The added presence of Lord Krishna in form of different characters is good. The Bhaskar turned Bharati is good. His friend Payal looks good. So I am enjoying that show and it’s the only TV serial I watch these days regularly.

So whats the point of bringing this here?? Am I paid for the review of this show? Well No. I like to do some charity. I am doing this for free. The purpose was to bring this subject. The change of sex. Today this is available via some series of operations and you turn from “He” to “She” or vice verse. But what if you are changed unwillingly? Means you are “He” at the time of sleeping and when you wake up in the morning you are “She”. What’s then?

Your wardrobe is useless. Your shoes are useless. No one will recognize you. Even you if you look yourself into mirror.. Suddenly you’ll feel how life is difficult. It’s not easy to live as a woman. There are many social issues. Your progress halts. For a man going ahead there is no one to act as obstacle. There may be one or two. But if you are woman climbing the stairs of success, you’ll always find every step as a difficult one. There will be many obstacles.

This “just” comedy show does leave a message. I hope I never face situation like Bhaskar. Respect women. If not all then the one whom you think is the deserving one.

Till Bharati becomes Bhaskar…
Think Nonsense…

Mithya – A Pleasing Lie

I saw this movie 2 days back. It’s very good movie and something different from the daily masala movies released. Rajat Kapoor has created a gang of his actors to make some fine movies. This film is written by him and Saurav Shukla who also plays an important character in this film. Rajat Kapoor is a fine actor and director. And “Mithya” proves it.

The film revolves around a poor junior artist VK (Ranveer Shorey) struggling to get a lead role. And this is the time when you’ll have lot of laughs. The struggle for getting money, How he gets into different shoots, As a dubbing artist, Some scenes at barber shop. It all makes you laugh. But faith has something different for VK. It’s a coincidence that VK and underworld don Rajabhai has similar faces. The enemy gang of Rajabhai decides to plant him in place of Rajabhai. This gang includes Vinay Pathak, Naseeruddin Shah, Neha Dhupia and Saurav Shukla. Continue reading →