The bond of love

The bond of love

This is just another kind of love. Today valentines day is celebrated throughout the world. 99% of that is just to express love for boyfriend or girlfriend. Don’t forget to express your love towards your close ones, who have been with you more than anyone else.

Repeating again this year also. Don’t wait for valentines day to express your love. Say it the moment you realize it.

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I hate that bear

cat and bear

What will be going through that cats mind? It’s strange that a wild animal being loved more than the domestic one. I think that cat will sue his master. Whatever it is, The photographer is very clever in catching this shot.

Baby Beer

beer drinking baby

You have seen baby bear. If not in real then on TV, magazines, papers etc. You have seen it, if you haven’t then visit the nearest zoo. They will surely have a place for a person who haven’t seen  baby bear. But this is not about baby bear. This is about baby beer.

The next generation baby will not drink milk but beer. At my place beer is a soft drink. Can you believe it??? But it’s true. You get 3 cans of 200ml for just a dollar. So it just matches the price of the soft drinks. Normally they cost Rs. 5 less. Just one more bottle extra. There is always a respect for the guy who drinks beer. It’s amongst the friends only though. I’m not one of them. I’m still to drink one..

So how do you like the future??? It’s beerfull.

Think Nonsense…

Dont Look Like That


“I’m afraid of you. Don’t stare me. Your face is horrible.” May be he is saying that. Panda’s look cute and they fall in “Bear” category. So you also find a teddy bear looking like Panda. Panda’s are almost on the verge of extinction. Mostly found in China their diet is mostly made up of Bamboo. They once lived in lowland areas, but farming, forest clearing, and other development now restrict giant pandas to the mountains. It is popular animal due to its innocence and cuteness.

Do you know that when Panda’s are born they weigh around 100gms and when grown up they weigh 100Kgs 😯

As I said earlier they are into the endangered species list. Mostly hunted for their soft furs. Stay away from buying such stuff. Help preserving them. May be you’ll see a different picture next time with a smile on face.