Live Like A Butterfly

“A Butterfly lives only for a few days,
but it still flies joyfully capturing many Hearts.
Each moment in life is Precious.
Live happy and win many Hearts”

live like butterfly

One more time there is Butterfly in my post. And this time it’s teaching us how to live. Pretty much true are the above four lines. When you have happiness share it. Make someone else smile. That smile will surely come back to you when you need it. Life is short. You never know when is your last day. But whatever you live take some moments out and make others happy. And you’ll always live for them.

live like butterfly

When flying from one flower to another if a butterfly finds a flower with bad taste, he leaves it and moves to another without leaving the taste of previous flower on the next one. This way the flower also loves the butterfly on it. So the next time you see a butterfly recall this message. And pass this message to someone else.

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