2018 review

I am back again to review my last 365 days and then post some goals for next 365 days. One thing at a time. Lets start with what happened with me and what happened to me this year.

1) Books : This one always on top every year because I somehow manage to conquer this goal. I started this year with a goal of 40 books in my mind. I was somewhat sure that I wont be able to climb the mountain this time. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try. I manage to read some interesting books during this time. But towards the end of the year I changed the goal to achievable 30 books which I managed to complete just a few hours back.
2) Travel: I traveled the most this year. I haven’t traveled this much in my whole life. Learning from traveling have put some more sense into me. In the next year 2019, I hope to travel as much as I did this year.
3) Connections: There is a spark when you get know people who think like you. Who want to know you. Who want to connect to you. This year, I tried to make more connection. Connecting some more strangers and incorporating their views, ideas in my life have made some difference.
4) Heartbreak: Once again!! It was my foolishness to approach someone who was out of my bounds. I wish I had never approached or entangled myself. The whole experience left me stranded which led to a clueless, confused second half. It was this time where I my focus, my interest which I haven’t been able to find till date. I have kept myself busy socializing, reading and stuff I never tried before this.
5) Gym: Marked as check. If you remember, this has been on my goals for last couple of years. What made this happen was the heartbreak. There was anger and rage which I had to divert somewhere which otherwise would have created a whole lot of new problems for me. Four good months spent in gym making me feel better about my body.

That sums up my 2018. Nothing much has happened apart from the above events. I don’t know what’s in store for 2019, but I really hope for something good.

Till then..
Think Nonsense…

2017 in review

This is that time of the year when I used to blog. I mean, it was the only time I used to blog. It’s one of the things that changed this year. Let me try to list the major events that changed me this year.
1) Books : This is one constant in my life throughout. It’s the most I have ever read in a year. 36 books, 10000+ pages. I had increased the count from the usual 24 books to 35 books. Some books surprised me. Some disappointed. But overall, I am quite happy with my reading. I wish to continue this in coming year.
2) Training Camp : I attended a training camp in last 7 days of the year. Before the camp, There was a doubt that I won’t be able to defend myself from physical attacks. Somewhere in a corner of my mind, I wanted to learn self defense. This camp fulfilled my wish. Though this isn’t advance level training, it has increased my confidence. I wish to practice and get more comfortable with the techniques.
3) Gujarat Trip : My resolution for 2017 included a solo trip which I couldn’t manage. The tour of Gujarat doesn’t fulfill my goal but it does bring joy and pleasant moments. The peak of the tour, literally and metaphorically, was the Girnar Yatra. Those days, those memories will stay forever with me.
4) Dealing with loneliness : A major portion of this year was spent lonely. I didn’t attend much social functions, weddings etc. and tried to remain aloof. My goal was to prepare myself for what’s coming for me. It’s harsh reality but I have to deal with it. I was successful to some extent but there were moments which lead me into my shell. I wish to and I have to put more effort to deal with this.
5) Back to blogging : My blog was almost dead. But this year, I have put some life into it. The goal was to posts 1-2 post every month. Posts which reflected my thoughts. 18 posts (including this one) is a good start I say. This is another thing I want to continue in coming year.

There have been some more life events that changed me. Some scarred me. Some healed me. But I do not wish to make them public. 2017 was good but I am hoping for a better 2018. Let’s see how it goes.
Till then…
Think nonsense…