A Tribute to Martyrs

If I Die In The War Zone
Pack My Body And Send Me Home
Pin The Medals On My Chest
Tell My Mother I Did My Best

Tell Those Pretty Girls Not To Cry
Coz I Am A Soldier
Born To Die
But Dont You Worry
To Survive In Battle,
Is My Will
Coz This Damn Soldier,
Is Born To Kill!!

We Follow Our Own Rules,
Make Our Own Norms
Ferocious We Are,
Lethal In Any Form
Tamers Of Tides,
We Play With Storms
You Guessed It Right
We Are “Men In Uniform”

No Agony, No Pain, Shall Make Me Cry
Soldier Was I Born
Soldier Shall I Die
I Live By Chance
Love By Choice
And Kill By Profession…

– Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan

Today is Vijay Divas. A day on which India defeated Pakistan in 1971 war. This day is celebrated to give tribute to all the soldiers who gave their lives for the country. Selflessly protecting our country from enemies which mostly contribute Pakistan. This nation still haven’t learn a lesson in spite of being defeated three times.

We say here,
One who does mistake once is Human
One who does mistakes twice is Satan
And one who keeps committing mistakes is Pakistan

This post is especially dedicated to heroes of 26/11 attacks on Mumbai. Poem at the start of this post is by Major Sandeep who is one of the brave soldier who dies in this mission protecting hostages. I salute to him and all other martyrs.

Someone said
Wars come, Wars go. My soldiers stay eternal.