That Mad Guy

A typical day in the market. Not much crowd but this guy is present. There is no fix place for him in this market. He doesn’t own a shop. He isn’t working for someone. He doesn’t talk to anyone. All he does is, roaming all around in the market to fill his stomach. Surprisingly he gets enough to fill that part and get ready for the next day. I am talking about this mad guy, he has been labeled as mad but I don’t know if actually he is, who is now part of market.

You never know what time, precisely bad time, can do to you. If you are getting too much of troubles then the part of your body called brain starts functioning erratically and turns you hysterical. A certain chemical imbalance in that small brain can turn your life upside down. Similar thing happened with this person. He had a heart break which turned him into a Heartbreak Kid.

He is dressed such that, no one wants to look at him. Actually he is not dressed at all. Nah.. he isn’t naked also. There is no shirt or any inner wear. It’s just a short which I suppose was never washed and is lowered to reveal objectionable part of the body. Two girls walking on the streets  heads-up and this guy suddenly appears from nowhere. All you see the next moment is that the girls have their heads buried into the earth passing by him.

There are mysteries that revolve around him. He suddenly disappears for sometime and then reappears without any signs of change. The first time I saw him around 10 years back and he hasn’t changed  since. I wonder if scientist can find some anti-aging solution by studying him. He never puts on the clothes given to him. He is an example how nature nourishes the one close to him. Another mystery is why he isn’t in an asylum in spite of his condition? Too many questions unanswered.  Someone interested in an espionage?

You must be thinking that I have gone mad too to publish about this mad guy. But it’s not just me. I had some outsiders asking about him. There is something in him that increases your curiosity. I’ll just add one more fact that he has got a bachelors degree in commerce. Shocking!!!! If you happen to visit my town and then the market, you won’t be able to ignore this character.

Till you visit my town..
Think Nonsense…

Language of an old woman

I have already written some posts regarding language. But this is a vast subject which is sufficient to give you topic everyday. If you know more than one language, which most of you do, then you have a potential to write about language. I am good at four languages and about five of them i am in learning stages. So I have good material to write about though I choose not to write often. That would convert this blog into “The Language Blog”. After some days I’ll get some eggs and tomatoes at me.

This incidence happened yesterday while I was talking to my friend. Yeah the same friend who own a pharmacy. I talked to him after so many days due to my busy schedule. (I hate to use this “busy” word.) I was standing there and doing the thing I liked the most. Observing peoples. I do it unconsciously now as it has turned out to be my habit. After a few minutes an old woman entered the pharmacy. This is the woman whom I helped to get to the clinic. (Are you listening Santa?? I deserve a gift here.)

She gave her prescription and started talking. A bit surprised, she couldn’t talk properly. The last time I met her she was talking good. This time she wasn’t able to pronounce properly. Every word she uttered was incomplete and used to end abruptly. Try to speak without using your tongue. Something similar happened. What amused me that we were still able to get what she wanted to say.

This mystery will stay with me for long. How can we just interpret when we are unable to get the whole word? Of course it was not 100% correct interpretation but close to that. Its the beauty of a small part inside our head, that we call brain. A while back I read an e-mail where the words had the first and last letter in correct position and rest all altered. I was still able to read the paragraph without any mistake or without much effort. I hope to solve this mystery in this lifetime.

Request to all search engines: Don’t mark this post as spam due to the use of the word pharmacy. There are pharmacies which exists offline.

Till I solve the mystery…

Think Nonsense…