Definitely Maybe…

I saw this film yesterday. It was wonderful. Watching of good movies continues. This is one of those movies which I’ll definitely never forget. The last time I saw romantic English movie was “P.S.I Love You“. That was another fantastic movie. But I feel this one is definitely better than P.S.I Love You.

Have you watched this film?? If no then go and watch it. Find it in torrents, DVD’s, VCD’s anywhere and watch it. I’ll just try to put the story in my own words. It may contain spoiler. So stay away if you don’t like to know about the story before watching the movie. Watch the movie as soon as you can.

The story revolves around a guy Will Hayes who wants to be President of U.S.A. It’s not funny but real. In the film of course. He is a father of a sweet little girl named Maya and is about to get divorced. The little girl is really sweet. I loved her. Innocence at it’s best. So the father tells the girl about his story. The story is past life of our Will and his girlfriends. Will asks Maya to guess who is her mother at the end of the story.

She guesses right. But the true love of Will is not the mother of Maya. She is someone else. And is one of the three girlfriends. The story is really good and I never felt bored at any moment. Unlike P.S.I Love You where the movie goes slow at times. The director is successful in bringing out the emotions in the story. Ending was as usual a “Happy Ending”. The last line of Will in the move was just superb.

…because it was the only thing that I had left of you

If you didn’t like the movie much, you’ll surely have satisfaction of not wasting the ninety odd minutes.

Edit: Forgot to rate. I’ll rate it 9/10.

Definitely Maybe…