Happy Independence Day

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Happy Independence day to all Indians around the world. Every person is proud of his country and he should be. There are times when we don’t like our country due to the politics and corruption and all the nonsense happening. But somewhere deep in your heart there is a place for your country. I have and today is the day every year I remind myself of that place. I don’t do anything special on this day. No flag hoisting, No National anthem. This day I just remind myself that I have to do something for my country. And this one time makes me remember that throughout the year.

After the high school, I never went for flag hoisting. It’s the bitter truth. I admit it. But that doesn’t mean I forgot about my country, I don’t love my country. I want to stay here. I want to do something for my country. Why should I serve any other country when my own country gave me so much?? This is my time to pay something back. I want to succeed in this and I hope I succeed. A request to all the Indians around the world. Your country needs you. Come back to home.

I salute to all those who gave their life for our independence. Because of whom we are now here. To all the soldiers on the borders guarding the country from enemies. Because of whom we can sleep without a worry. This post is to tell them that you are being remembered.

Vande Mataram!!!