Halla Bol

I watched this movie yesterday. Thought of giving a review here. You have probably watched this movie or may have read the critics that its not a good film. But for me it’s a good film. I cannot call it fantastic or superb but it’s a good film indeed.

Ajay Devgan plays the role of Sameer Khan (Ashpak during the start) . A guy who plays street dramas named Halla Bol. Pankaj Kapoor is his Guru. to try his luck in actings he travels to Mumbai and after a struggle for months he gets a film “Azaadi” turning hit. Then hits after hits lead him to a Superstar level. But now he fears to fight against the truth and fears to loose his gained Superstar name. And hence he doesn’t stand as an eye witness for a murder which of course happened in front of him. Continue reading →