Day Dreaming – Are You A Day Dreamer?

Who said dreams come only in night?? It is possible to have dreams during the daytime. Although naturally it’s during night and socially the right time for the dreams has been fixed to be the night time. Else you’ll get a label on your head as a day dreamer. To clear myself I am not a day dreamer. But I think I am going to be a day dreamer soon. I like to have dreams at night and I tell my dreams during the day time. Just being off topic, Have you read “Tell me your dreams” by Sydney Sheldon?? Nice book to read.

So these day dreamer are unique species which possess special  powers to see dreams during the daytime. These day dreamers have dreams which most of the time fall in humor category. Yes they are  just like the crazy dreams. I wonder how they are able to see dreams during daytime. I am unable to sleep during day and recently was in nights also. These day dreamers don’t sleep during the daytime.They see the dreams with open eyes.

day dreams

At this point I see what amazing power they have. It is indeed difficult to see dreams with open eyes. I tried this so as to become a day dreamer. But I was unable to see the dreams. In the end I would like the day dreamers not to share their powers. Get a job or work somewhere and get engaged in something. You have an unique quality.

All of us dream. Those who dream in night, wake up in the day and they are vanished. But day dreamers are dangerous. They may act their dreams with open eyes to make it possible.

Sources: I would like to thank some of my friends, colleagues and people I see everyday to help me in writing this much about day dreaming. It was not at all possible without these day dreamers. 😉

I am brave

I came to know this today. I killed one of the most dangerous species in this world. These take more lives than any other form. By now, if you are intelligent enough, you must have guessed the name. The great species with wings and a needle nose to bit. Yes they are mosquitoes. Don’t get surprised if you are reading this for the first time. This is a link for some statistics.

Usually I am a non violent person. I don’t like to kill anyone for any reason it may be. Just as an example. If an ant bites me I don’t kill that ant. I pick it and throw it away. But this mosquito made me go crazy. It kept biting me and the animal in me (Monkey of course) ,which was sleeping with peace of mind for a long time, woke up. I slapped myself and there it was. The act of bravery.

Monsoon season is the season of mosquitoes. You find many patients with dengui, Malaria and chikungunia. Mosquitoes are dangerous because the number of peoples dieing from the said disease is very high. If it’s monsoon season at your place then make sure you take precautions not to allow the reproduction of mosquitoes.

Make sure there is nothing outside your house which will hold water. Most common things holding water are which then act as reproduction house for mosquitoes are
-> Old tyres
-> Your or someones old shoes. May be new ones also.
-> Empty cans. Probably of beer or soft drink
-> Pothole which may store water for a longer time.

So the next time you see this species kill it. Feel proud to be killing this mosquito.