A Gentleman In Moscow

I have always averted from reading Russian novels. They have this gloomy story, sombre shades and often filled with melancholy. This is what I had heard about the Russian books. When I finished reading this book, I found the description to be quite accurate.
This story might be relatable to some because of current lockdown situation in many places over the world. The protagonist, Count Alexander Rustov, is sentenced to house arrest for life in a hotel right in the heart of Moscow city. We cannot stay inside the comforts of our home for a couple of days and he has to live for life. So the premise was interesting. I was curious to know how he will live his whole life when within few pages he was standing on the edge of parapet, trying to end his life. But the story unfolds beautifully from there on. 
This book takes you down the memory lane, into a restaurant which serves you nostalgia as aperitif, shaken and stirred, along with three course nostalgia, which brings forth a bouquet of memories which remind you of some fragrances which you might have forgotten by passage of time. 
I loved almost everything about this book. The characters, especially Count and Sofia, they will be difficult to forget. I will remember them as real people. I cannot complain anything about story, characters, writing. There isn’t much room for that. What I can complain is the fact that it bombards too many unfamiliar words which I have to look often into dictionary. Then there is usage of Russian and French which I have guessed. Didn’t have the patience to translate it online. Also, a few more pages of romance between Count and Anna would have been like cherry on cake. 
All in all, it’s a fantastic read. One which might help you change your perspective about life in current situation. Or maybe even in future when everything is normal. Full marks from me. 
P. S: I wouldn’t have thought of reading this one if it wasn’t for Geetika who gifted me this one my birthday. Thanks so much ❤️

Anger Management

Emotions are what our life is made up of. Among all the emotions love and hatred are dominating. Let’s forget about love because it’s very difficult to love someone. The vice verse is true. It’s very easy to get angry or hate someone. You don’t believe this? Most of you do. But for those who don’t, I’ll give an example.

A typical situation. Husband and wife. It’s morning and he is in hurry. He is getting ready to go to office. Wife is busy making breakfast and his lunchbox. At the same time preparing the kids for school. The husband cannot find his hanky. His first reaction is he shouts. Get’s angry on his wife. Wife searches for hanky, finds it and gives to her husband. Husband takes it and shoots away for office.

Here a simple thing could have cooled down the things. A simple bye or hug or may be a kiss. That doesn’t cost much.(It doesn’t cost a cent!!) But anger doesn’t let us to think from heart. In fact it doesn’t allow us to think. The wind of anger blows away the lamp inside our mind. A simple solution is what needed in such situation and we cannot think of such solution.

Anger management must be hot business. When everyone is in anger, there are lot’s of potential clients. The first step of anger management is known to all. Just count from 1 to 10 or 10 to 1. And when you are very much angry, count to 100. Another thing you should know is that anger is a condition in which the tongue works faster than the mind. It’s better you carve this in your mind when you are not angry. Anger makes us strong, but that strength doesn’t last long.

So calm yourself and don’t get angry. Anger will not solve any problem but will lead to some more.

Till you are not angry…
Think Nonsense…

How To Get Serious

After the frustrated story of nobody thinks I am serious, I thought of writing this guide. This guide is to help all those who are facing similar problems. There is a cure for this disease but it takes time and some effort. The advice below is completely free of cost and free to use by anyone for personal or commercial purpose.

1) When you wake up in the morning look into the mirror. The creature in the mirror should be familiar, may be horrible or funny. But don’t waste your energy by giving him a smile. It’s your bad habit to give him a flying kiss or giving a great smile. Don’t do that.
2) Whenever you are in a party and there is laughter bomb just count 10 to 1. This is an old theory worked out for controlling anger. It works the other way also. For those who don’t know to count 10 to 1, join a nursery.
3) Join a laughter club. Do everything others do except stretching a single muscle on your face. This may also grab some attention to you. You may get some friends as well.
4) Watch everything about Mr.Beans. Just don’t forget the 10 to 1 count.
5) Subscribe to all the funny newsletters, news groups, yahoo groups, blogs, websites, etc. Don’t miss a single e-mail from these and the 10 to 1 count also.

And finally don’t be alone. Always be with someone. If you stay alone or get a single moment where you are alone you’ll take out all the laughter which you suppressed so far. I expect you to be honest in your toilet and bathroom. This is a serious post and don’t take it lightly. If you laughed at any instance while reading till now, then you don’t deserve to be serious.

Till you get serious…
Think Nonsense…