In search of Happyness..

A few days before I saw a movie called “Pursuit of Happyness“. Yes the spelling is right. Its happyness. I didn’t got time to say about this movie. So I thought of doing it today. Its a very fine movie wherein Will smith plays role of Chris Gardner His early professional life is very disturbed and he seems to be unfocused. To apply for job he doesn’t have enough qualification. He hardly completed his High school.

During this period his wife leaves him. Everyday fights lead to this. The time he needed her most, she leaves. The boy Christopher remains with Gardner. The story moves and there are many moments which touch to your heart. And those are the moments which reveal the relationship between Gardner an this son. The Love, care, affection he has towards his son.That makes him overcome the situation. And so do the son shows his towards the father. The child artist also played a great role here.

So why did I wrote this here. Just another movie review. Well if you watch the movie you’ll know why I wrote here. You’ll love to talk about this movie. It’ll surely be an inspiration and if not you’ll never feel you wasted some 2 hours of your life. Having love and affection towards someone can surely give you a reason to move ahead.

So till next movie…
Think Nonsense..

Halla Bol

I watched this movie yesterday. Thought of giving a review here. You have probably watched this movie or may have read the critics that its not a good film. But for me it’s a good film. I cannot call it fantastic or superb but it’s a good film indeed.

Ajay Devgan plays the role of Sameer Khan (Ashpak during the start) . A guy who plays street dramas named Halla Bol. Pankaj Kapoor is his Guru. to try his luck in actings he travels to Mumbai and after a struggle for months he gets a film “Azaadi” turning hit. Then hits after hits lead him to a Superstar level. But now he fears to fight against the truth and fears to loose his gained Superstar name. And hence he doesn’t stand as an eye witness for a murder which of course happened in front of him. Continue reading →