Today we have thousands of applications demanding hard disk space, there installation size is big and in some cases huge. Only to wamp up GUI interface. This site contains many applications which are tiny. The size is small but they do have lot of functionality. You’ll find the smallest application available on web at one place.

My favorite is the smallest web browser. It’s less than 1MB and still functions. This site is not eye candy, But its content is worth reading and using. Most of the applications here are used by computer administrators so they can be run from CD without need to install.

And the most important thing is they are freewares. Now thats worth giving a try. Do visit the site and leave a comment about this site.



Those wondering about my non-english posts here, this is reason. Wherever you are, whatever you be, Your mothertounge is always in your heart. Atleast thats the case with me.  I love my language and this is just to show my love it. Some poems, essays, images related will be posted in Marathi section.

If you find some then please reply here or mail me so that I can post it here.

Play Blu-ray & HD-DVD movies

Plextor is first in the market to offer a combo DVD- Rewriter that also plays Blu-ray and HD-DVD movies. The Plextor PX-B300SA is a dual-layer internal DVD drive for PCs and uses a SATA connection. It is priced highly competitively and offers an ideal entry into high definition playback for consumers. It combines all the DVD standards into one single drive.

In addition, Plextor has added extra convenience by including LightScribe technology to enable custom text and designs to be printed/burned onto discs.



The PX-B300SA not only plays the latest Blu-ray and HD-DVD movies , but is also a highly versatile dual-layer DVD drive that combines multiple formats – DVD R/RW and RAM – into one. Write speeds: 16x DVD+R/-R, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW, 4x DVD+/-R DL, 5x DVD-RAM, 40x CD-R and 24x CD-RW.
A comprehensive range of software is included: Intervideo WinDVD8, Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5.5, Ulead Burn.NOw 4.5. Continue reading →

Hello Again..

Well that sound interesting. Why I said again?? The reason is that this is my second blog. Don’t ask me where is first blog. Unlike first one, I’ll don’t let this go.

So whats this blog about?? Whats so special???
Well this blog is about nonsense. There is much to talk about nonsense. But its never talked :-). We all try to speak sensible and make a false impression. But here you’ll talk about nonsense. Everything you wanted to express. Its for you because I speak nonsense in my real life to spice it up.

So lets go ahead and start the nonsense.
But remember my nonsense do make some sense sometimes. It’ll make you laugh or make you think for a while.

So Think Nonsense……..