All of us are aware of this part of computer. Majority of the input is made through the keyboard only. Although mouse is really helpful in navigation. But you can navigate effectively without the mouse also. Just the thing is you need to give some time to learn some keyboard shortcuts and move away from mouse. Almost all of us don’t like this animal. Exception of those who are doctors. They love to murder them.

So I have this keyboard which was working good for last five years. Its the only keyboard since I bought my computer. But for last few days keys started sticking. Especially the space key and the Enter key. Along with 2-3 others keys also. So it needs replacement. I’ve to look for something which equals my current keyboard. It seems to be a difficult find. I’ve tried asking for the similar type in three stores. All in vain.

Many of the keyboard come with three keys just above arrow keys. The three keys include Sleep,wake-up and scroll lock. Due to this foolish placement I try to accidentally hit one of those. And that’s bad. i was surprised to see that keyboard and mouse come in duo. Means single is not easily available. The ones you get are local and cheap Chinese which are useless plastic crap.

My current keyboard is what I want in new one. This keyboard hardly gave me any problem in last 5 years. i used to remove all keys every 3-4 months and clean it up. Did this about a month back but no changes. I wash it using detergent and it shines as a new one. May be one of the few good things I do for computer.

And the search is still on….

Think Nonsense….

Raining in May

It rained today. Unlike the showers in the Feb-March, this looks to be pre monsoon showers. It was really getting hot here. I was dying due to heat. It was really difficult to get out and feel the sun. But this shower for added a cooling sensation. It rained for about half an hour and now it has stopped. But it certainly brought the temperature down.

This is normal period or time for monsoon showers. They usually come during this time only. I hope these are pre monsoon showers. Somehow I have a strange fear that rains will behave very unexpectedly  this year. It did same last year. Rains were unexpected last year. They used to disappear for some days and all collective rain quota for those days used to shower on one day. This created flood situations.

I’ll have to rush to my uncles farm for some forest fruits of summer. Else when rain starts those fruits disappear. I’ve planned to go on Saturday. Lets hope rains don’t interrupt and I’ve some fun there.

Changing Thoughts

After loosing my job no. 4, I said my mind is like a butterfly. It is. The thoughts just change within a fraction of seconds. Although that may be a good sign as a writer or a poet. But certainly an Engineer should not have such mind. When you are professional it’s best to concentrate on one thing. But somehow I’ve lost that in past few months.

The thoughts range from good ones to bad ones. Like the Butterfly who sometimes get a good flower and sometimes a bad one. I try to stamp the good thoughts. Some of them just stick and come out on this blog. Yeah of course they come out as nonsense. But the bad thoughts many times just stick. I never try to save them. They just stick as if there is a magnet which attracted them.

It’s not wise to say your bad thoughts. Unlike Butterflies which always symbols good, At least they do so for me, Thoughts cannot always be good. Having a mind like a Butterfly is just the frequent change in thoughts. If you have read my posts from beginning you’ll notice that. There may be some contradictions in thoughts. You may point them out. But remember that you are trying to make sensible comment on nonsense.

Think Nonsense…