Mindless Zombies

“If you can’t change your mind, are you sure you have one?”

Ask this question to yourself. There are many mindless zombies around you. that’s according to the above thought. It’s very difficult to change your mind. But there are some gifted persons (like me :D), whose mind keeps on changing. It’s volatile. According to me you must posses a mind that changes.

The thoughts of yesterday are gone. you cannot implement them today. Change your mind and go according to new thoughts. There are situations when you have to take decisions against your mind. But that is a good sign. at least you are changing your mind. never mind if you are going against it.

My thoughts keep changing but still I call myself a mindless zombie. Many times i don’t know what I am doing. It just happens from me. Just like those Hollywood horror flicks where virus infection takes place and peoples turn into zombies. I’m infected. Better stay away from me. It spreads quickly.

Now who is the scientist here who’ll come to rescue from the disease?? Still unknown. It’ll not be a zombie though. I hope to control the flow of thoughts, But it’s seems to be very difficult. Not impossible though.

Think Nonsense…

Changing Thoughts

After loosing my job no. 4, I said my mind is like a butterfly. It is. The thoughts just change within a fraction of seconds. Although that may be a good sign as a writer or a poet. But certainly an Engineer should not have such mind. When you are professional it’s best to concentrate on one thing. But somehow I’ve lost that in past few months.

The thoughts range from good ones to bad ones. Like the Butterfly who sometimes get a good flower and sometimes a bad one. I try to stamp the good thoughts. Some of them just stick and come out on this blog. Yeah of course they come out as nonsense. But the bad thoughts many times just stick. I never try to save them. They just stick as if there is a magnet which attracted them.

It’s not wise to say your bad thoughts. Unlike Butterflies which always symbols good, At least they do so for me, Thoughts cannot always be good. Having a mind like a Butterfly is just the frequent change in thoughts. If you have read my posts from beginning you’ll notice that. There may be some contradictions in thoughts. You may point them out. But remember that you are trying to make sensible comment on nonsense.

Think Nonsense…

End of Job No. 4

Sometimes I wonder what kind of person I am?? Do I know what I want?? That sometime usually occurs when I end my job. And today was that day. I joined this contractor a month ago. The salary was fixed on first day. He agreed on it and I was happy too. The job site was not far from my house. Around 2 Km may be. I was able to have my lunch at home during the lunch time. And was doing great.

There were site problems. The labors were not skilled. I was expecting that they will know something. But I was having hard time explaining everything more than 2-3 times. But I didn’t mind that. That was my job. I had to look in for everything and due to simultaneous locations I was unable to concentrate on one thing. And there were some mistakes made.

As a professional I took my responsibility for them. But soon whatever used to happen was pulled on me. I was working harder and harder to make things right. Actually I was loving the amount of troubles I was getting. That may sound weird but true. That makes me feels that I’m doing something. And all was going well for me till yesterday which was salary day. I was shocked when I didn’t receive the salary fixed. He held me responsible for some problems and told me that I’m not worth that much. And that hurts!! that really hurts man!!!

I couldn’t control my feelings and left the job. My heart says I did the right thing. Since I’m mindless there is no question of that. But there is something in my head which makes me think. I don’t know what it is. That thing asks me question. Did i did the right thing?? My heart is like a butterfly I feel. It’s not stable and keeps moving from one flower to another. But the sudden drop of this job created something called frustration in me. And I’m trying to take it out. I’m searching for a good FPS to do the killing.

Now in search of next job…
Thanks for reading my nonsense. I had to express it to someone…

Think Nonsense….



Have you ever seen such toilet sign. If yes please notify me. Must be a naughty artists and a very productive mind to make such a picture. Those calling this as an adult joke.. Grow up.. And become adults. Or you’ll die with no adulthood.