The Game of Olympics

There are many definitions of life. One of them is that Life is a game. Yeah life is a game. It becomes fun when you realize that it is game. We all love games. Whatever age we are we love at least one type of game or sport. Is there anyone who doesn’t have such likings?? He needs some treatment. The game becomes more fun when you realize that it’s just game.

I am writing this because of the ongoing Olympics in China. It is almost twelve days after the games started and I am writing about it now. I never had a really good topic to write a post. What would I write?? Phelps making world record of 8 Golds?? Talk about the record number of records broken?? Talk about throwing medals after winning?? No. You have newspapers and TV for such things.

I am totally unaware of the games. The only thing that gives some knowledge about the Olympics is daily newspaper. On the sports page I find the record setters. Most of these days all focus was on Phelps. And on inner pages there were some articles about our athletes. Disappointing performance by Indians. The only good part is we won a gold in shooting.

Olympics is set of games. Read the wiki pages to know more about wiki. There are different types of games originating from different countries. The athletes need to play the game in sporty manner. It’s just a game. Realize that. There should be free environment for athletes. There should be no pressure put on an athlete making him strive for gold. These expectation often kill the athlete.

The money behind the winner tempts others. Almost every state gave our only gold winner many perks. Free lifetime railway pass, Cash money, Money by check etc. Will he continue the journey?? He got enough to settle down. He should continue. Yesterday Liu Xiang failed due to injury. There were lot of expectations. He was everywhere. They forgot it’s just a game.

Games need to be played in the way they are. Just to entertain yourself. I hope something similar gets out there.

Think Nonsense…

Happy Independence Day

India Independence DayClick To Magnify

Happy Independence day to all Indians around the world. Every person is proud of his country and he should be. There are times when we don’t like our country due to the politics and corruption and all the nonsense happening. But somewhere deep in your heart there is a place for your country. I have and today is the day every year I remind myself of that place. I don’t do anything special on this day. No flag hoisting, No National anthem. This day I just remind myself that I have to do something for my country. And this one time makes me remember that throughout the year.

After the high school, I never went for flag hoisting. It’s the bitter truth. I admit it. But that doesn’t mean I forgot about my country, I don’t love my country. I want to stay here. I want to do something for my country. Why should I serve any other country when my own country gave me so much?? This is my time to pay something back. I want to succeed in this and I hope I succeed. A request to all the Indians around the world. Your country needs you. Come back to home.

I salute to all those who gave their life for our independence. Because of whom we are now here. To all the soldiers on the borders guarding the country from enemies. Because of whom we can sleep without a worry. This post is to tell them that you are being remembered.

Vande Mataram!!!

Mind Your Language

I’m not talking about the TV show. I’m talking about the language. The voice that comes out of you mouth. I don’t know how many of you are proud of your language. But I am. I love my language and I don’t like when someone comments bad about it. The country I live, India, speaks more than 1600 languages. That is a big number. But majority of India speaks Hindi. And it is the official language of India. This is the language which unites most of the country.

But in the recent years this language is getting polluted. The reason is the language I’m writing this blog. Yes it’s English. You’ll hardly find any conversation which is done without a word from English. Even at home, where you mother tounge should be prominent, you find that English words are being used. I don’t say stop using English completely, But rather use your language more than English.

In India whenever you speak in English people look at you in a different way. They see you as a scholar. They think you know a lot and you have good knowledge. So if you are a dumba** and would like to have good impression, Then speak in English. For the past three years I’ve been trying to clean what I speak. I’ve successfully removed most of the English words I use in three languages I speak most. I was able to do this with lots of reading in those languages. Continue reading →

Cricket fever

Thank God…. The so called biggest cricket extravaganza is over. Its a week since it’s over. I’m writing today because it was still in news even after the finale. It is said to be a huge success and has changed the cricket approach. the fast forward 20-20 games will soon replace 50-50. We don’t have time isn’t it?? So how will ICC get profit with our lack of time for things. but the, When there is a cricket match it’s like a holiday. You’ll hardly find anyone working in government offices.

The whole tournament lasted for 44 days and there were many controversies during the tournament. There were fights between team players. Someone slapped someone. Someone cried like a baby. The player doesn’t charge, but surprisingly the team captain does. Then the withdrawal of the charges. Mind you that the same players play for the country as a team. And now they are fighting here. As there is a saying. Controversies, Good or Bad, doesn’t matter. They are sure to get you in the limelight. Maybe tomorrow a celebrity will be in limelight for kicking a donkey. The donkey will get some limelight also. The confusion may be who is the donkey between two?? Continue reading →