Helping hand

Goat helping Horse

Help is what you always hesitate to ask for. Me too. I cannot ask for help from someone even though I am sure that if I ask he will help for sure. It is the human nature which has evolved over the time. Looking back, I find that it was easy to ask for someones help when I was kid. Now it is difficult. I cannot ask for help. I have to figure things out myself.

Helping someone is great. I love to help anyone if it is not going against me. How can you expect me to help you for creating troubles against me? It is possible thing with a fool. I am a fool but not this much. I help to make others fool. That brings out cheer and a beer if it is with friends. Helping others also helps to build your image.

When to ask help is a big question. You cannot ask for help when that person is in toilet or bathroom. Take the above photo as an example. Goat is helping horse to scratch his back. Looks like there is shortage of labors. Would you ask for help? Or do you ask for help anytime?

Till you think for the answer…

Think Nonsense…

Touch Me Not

This is a special plant. I love this. There is no specific place for this plant to grow. It’s anywhere and everywhere. I have this attraction towards this plant which made me blog about it.

I remember when I was a kid. (I do remember somethings) =] . Me and my friends use to kick these plants and they used to close as usual. The instant closing was the part of attraction. Later realizing that it just needs a touch. Nothing more. So saved some energy by just touching it instead of kicking. The “Who closes more??” competitions.

This used to happen while going to school. And while coming back the plants revert back to original. Only to be closed by us again. 👿 The goats in area also loved this plant. It was their favorite food. Now the things are different. This little plant has disappeared from roads. And I hardly see any kid attracted towards this plant if at all they find one.

This plant also posses a beautiful flower. It’s soft and pink in color. Though odorless the flower suits the plant and makes it complete. Today after so many years I saw this plant. A smile on my face and I bent down to touch it. Just refreshed my old memories.

It is still a shy plant. Glad to see one of the thing that will remain as is forever. :kiss: