Real face behind the mask

Behind the mask

Hide and seek. It was one of our favorite games in childhood. It is now becoming extinct. But wait… it is now being played by terrorists and our Indian government which cannot find the criminals. A similar situation like that in hide and seek comes up when you hide your face behind a mask. What’s the reason for hiding your face?? It is difficult to identify the person behind the mask. The same way you find peoples around you wearing a mask. You cannot see that mask. They are different for  you and different for others. The major source of this problem is society. It creates some unnecessary rules which are broken most of the time. Rules don’t apply to you when you are behind some mask .

Keep guessing who is in the mask….

Think Nonsense…

Really important meeting

important meeting

This looks like very important meeting. This may not be just a joke. Many times meeting are boring. They are just formalities and we don’t want to attend them. Guess what?? We have to.. So far I have been 2-3 times into such an incidence and it was hard to move from there. I wished it was a meeting like this were I could at least play solitaire.

Think Nonsense…