That’s Ridiculous

I was just going through news and I read this and then this. I’ve been always curious why US always attacks India and China?? Because they are emerging superpowers?? I never wanted to post a political issue on my blog. The whole politics itself is dirty and I don’t wont to make my blog dirty. But certainly somethings do hurt and I’m not the person who’ll keep quiet about this. When I’ve a blog to express myself, I must say it.

Bush says the Indian Middle Class is getting better and is getting prosperous. Due to that the demands increase for food and this leads to global food crisis. Now where is the American Middle Class?? It’s getting poor I think. They don’t have demands. They are going on diets and saving food for the country. Is it like that?? I’m sure American Middle Class is far more prosperous than the Indian. Lots of income makes them richer than the Indians. But how can Bush speak against his own country mens?? And thats why he targeted Indians. Continue reading →

Dont Look Like That


“I’m afraid of you. Don’t stare me. Your face is horrible.” May be he is saying that. Panda’s look cute and they fall in “Bear” category. So you also find a teddy bear looking like Panda. Panda’s are almost on the verge of extinction. Mostly found in China their diet is mostly made up of Bamboo. They once lived in lowland areas, but farming, forest clearing, and other development now restrict giant pandas to the mountains. It is popular animal due to its innocence and cuteness.

Do you know that when Panda’s are born they weigh around 100gms and when grown up they weigh 100Kgs 😯

As I said earlier they are into the endangered species list. Mostly hunted for their soft furs. Stay away from buying such stuff. Help preserving them. May be you’ll see a different picture next time with a smile on face.