As I see it

As per the schedule of blog theme posts this is my first one. I wanted a blog which is lesser know to others. That helps for the promotion of blog. So going through all my favorites list and bookmarks I ended up finding this blog. To be frank I am not a regular reader and he is not a regular blogger. 😉 So keeping this common thing in mind I felt of reviewing this blog.

The author of the blog is a guy named prateek and the blog is As I see it. Looking at the blog archive it’s three years old. The archive is small but contains good readings. He got a good humor. It is sprinkled all over his posts. The very common things are expressed in a different way. And that is the thing I look while reading blogs. Continue reading →

Changes to be made

After buying this domain now I want to make this blog get more visits. It’s now easy to remember url. So that problem is solved. Now the thing just stops around the content. Bloggers all around face a bitter truth after sometime. If you are a blogger then you may probably have faced it already. It’s my time to face it. I never expected this to be so soon.

When you start blogging about something, you have good amount of ideas to start with. You have plenty of topics. And it is one of the easiest part of the blog. Yes it is easy to start posting. Then you start writing more and more. It keeps on increasing. You get addicted to blogging and cannot stay away from blogging.

Soon you realize that you have reached a saturation point. At this point it becomes difficult to think about something and write it. Many times you don’t get topics. I am trying to find my way out and will surely post about this in my coming posts. When you don’t have any topics what will you write?? You cannot just do the copy paste stuff and loose the reputation gained. You have to write and you are out of ideas. Continue reading →

Have you heard of Goa??

It’s the place where I live. :woot: Shocked??? May be or may not not be. But there must be at least one who will have this question in his\her mind. How come such a stupid person be in the coolest place in world?? Sorry to disappoint you. But that’s where I live. And believe me it’s really a nice place to live. I’ve been living here since the day I was united into 23+23 chromosomes. (I’m weak in Biology. Correct the number if I’m wrong.)

I’m writing this today because my blog completed five months. It’s six months for me. I worked hard (????) :whistle: for about a month, that was in January, to learn about blogging and gathering content. When I started the blog, I had enough content to post for one and half month. I used all means to put this blog forward. And after five months of blogging, now I can write about anything in just a matter of minutes.

I’ve learned the art to write (I was illiterate 🙁 ). How to write a post given a topic. That is what matters to keep your blog alive. Reading is the most essential part. Keep reading, especially other blogs. That will give you some ideas. Don’t copy them but use them. But write in your own words. Continue reading →

Livewire News

What is this live wire?? Is it something that will give you a shock?? Nope. This is different. This is a blog service which gathers posts from blogs. You need to submit the posts and this is for free. The posts you submit are displayed as news items. Readers will vote to the posts and make popular. You just have to submit the post you already typed. Just copy paste stuff. Who doesn’t like copy paste??
Livewire News
You’ll say…. Yeah. There are many similar services available. They all provide such thing and are free also. Why should I join Livewire?? Then just have a look at the website. The layout is kept very simple at the same time easy to navigate. The simple design makes the site load in a flash. Most of the similar services take a whole lot of time to load. The site is neatly organized into categories. Easy to navigate as I said already. You can sort news “Top Today”, Yesterday, Week, Month and Year.
Social Bookmarking
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I didn’t join this for some reason. But now I think that Technorati is important. So I went to the site for a sign up. All went well and now I’ve to claim the blog. Every service has different method for claiming the blog. And for this I’ve to write a post with a link to my profile . This is some what strange method. I didn’t like it this way. For most of other services I had to just paste a code somewhere in blog. That could be easily done.

I cannot create a post and delete it after writing. It’s something i don’t like to do. Duh…. So I had to write this post containing all the junk that you have read thousands of time all over. There is already so much junk in my blog and now this is another post. Technorati should change this method. How can a blog service ask a user to delete a post on his blog which doesn’t violate any rules?? It’s not blogging…

Just to help my blog with search engines and get some links in Technorati you are reading this. I’m really thankful that there are users for my blog who are interested even in reading the junkiest (Is that a word in English dictionary??) post of mine. So here goes the link I have to post Technorati Profile.

I don’t know whether I’ll use that or not but that’s my identity on Technorati. For social bookmarking purpose I use That’s friendly with my browser..

Thanks for reading junk..
Think Nonsense….