A day without wallet

Have you ever been into such a situation?? This happened to me that day. I was in a hurry, as always, to go to my office. My jeans was a bit too much dirty so I thought of changing. Usually I am very clean and neat person. I change my jeans once a week. That helps me to keep my other jeans clean and safe. Also one jeans per week reduces my washing work on Sunday. I can wake up late. :sleep:

So I was in hurry. I opened my cupboard and started searching for the jeans I wanted. It’s been over 3 months I am planning to clean up that pileup. After searching a bit I found the jeans and I jumped into it. Since it’s jeans who cares about ironing it. That saves some more time and energy. Then I put on my shirt and was ready. I was totally unaware that I forgot to put my wallet in my jeans.

Next I packed my lunch box and started running for my bus. You see I do exercise on daily basis. Learn something from me. Fortunately I got my bus just on time. If I was fraction late then I would have missed it. At this stage I was still unaware that I forgot my wallet. To add up, I didn’t got a sit. Standing in bus is not a problem unless it has enough room for my height.

I started playing music and my eyes started their job. :angel: The ticket conductor started collecting tickets and at that moment I realized that I didn’t bought my wallet. Now what to do? I was excited. There was a friend, who is now my office colleague, sitting on a sit where my back was facing. There was no place so that I could start boring her with my talk. I thought of asking her for money. But it’s the men’s pride which came in between. I started searching my bag and luckily found enough to travel till my site. Exactly seven coins in change. After reaching site I asked one of my labor contractor for some money and he gave it.

No more excitement. I was expecting a thrilling experience of some punches and embarrassment. But nothing happened. One thing for sure. I’ll not forget my wallet again. In todays tech world, you have ATM’s, Debit cards, Credit cards for money without notes. But I don’t use any and I don’t have the latter two. Now don’t forget your wallet. You may not have someone to help.

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Talking Picture 03

Talking Picture Camel Car

What a relief!!! Petrol prices went down..

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The Game of Olympics

There are many definitions of life. One of them is that Life is a game. Yeah life is a game. It becomes fun when you realize that it is game. We all love games. Whatever age we are we love at least one type of game or sport. Is there anyone who doesn’t have such likings?? He needs some treatment. The game becomes more fun when you realize that it’s just game.

I am writing this because of the ongoing Olympics in China. It is almost twelve days after the games started and I am writing about it now. I never had a really good topic to write a post. What would I write?? Phelps making world record of 8 Golds?? Talk about the record number of records broken?? Talk about throwing medals after winning?? No. You have newspapers and TV for such things.

I am totally unaware of the games. The only thing that gives some knowledge about the Olympics is daily newspaper. On the sports page I find the record setters. Most of these days all focus was on Phelps. And on inner pages there were some articles about our athletes. Disappointing performance by Indians. The only good part is we won a gold in shooting.

Olympics is set of games. Read the wiki pages to know more about wiki. There are different types of games originating from different countries. The athletes need to play the game in sporty manner. It’s just a game. Realize that. There should be free environment for athletes. There should be no pressure put on an athlete making him strive for gold. These expectation often kill the athlete.

The money behind the winner tempts others. Almost every state gave our only gold winner many perks. Free lifetime railway pass, Cash money, Money by check etc. Will he continue the journey?? He got enough to settle down. He should continue. Yesterday Liu Xiang failed due to injury. There were lot of expectations. He was everywhere. They forgot it’s just a game.

Games need to be played in the way they are. Just to entertain yourself. I hope something similar gets out there.

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Tuesday Readings 03

I was worried about being able to post this due to my connection problems. But here I am. Lets start with 5 Ways to Face Down Rejection. Have you ever been rejected?? It has happened many times with me. In different circumstances and different locations. But a rejection is rejection. It’s very difficult to face it. Especially the rejection from your so called girlfriend and rejection at an interview which you were hoping to get selected. The above post gives you five ways to face it. If you can’t face it turn your back and show your …….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next is a blog which I love to read. Really helpful tips on communication and I want everyone to read that. That is why I promote such posts for nothing. The post I am talking about is Technology’s Effect on Interpersonal Communication. Today’s world is a small place through the various types of communication gadgets available. Now read how to use this technology for better communication skills. Continue reading →