Why do we think??


Ever wondered about this? Ever got a question like  this? Probably never. But I get this question when I am idle. I am still trying to find the best answer to this question. When you are idle, it is the time when you get so many question and it happens that you don’t have answers to them. You are desperate to find the answers. There are some silly questions also which you don’t put forward as you are afraid of being called an idiot or may be a retard.

So what do you do then? My bad habit of being restless till I find the answer still exists. So I start looking for the probable answer. One of the first answers is that our brain loves to think. So it cannot stop the process of thinking. You can say that the love is Romeo and Juliet kind of love. There is no certain topic or certain area of thinking. It is random and happens unknowingly most of the time.

The second answer is rather scientific. There was this doctor named Dr. No who did a research on this topic and finally he died of thinking too much about “Why do we think??Before dying he wrote the results in a diary. It took months and lots of efforts by the handwriting experts to understand and recreate the results. It said that there becomes some chemical imbalance in our brain which evokes the neurons creating impulses which picks up random words we know and generates a random sentence. This sentence then becomes thought. It was quiet clear that Dr. No was deeply researching and had lost his mind. Continue reading →

Film Festival Week

The whole week was pretty fun. I got lots of time in this week. i utilized almost all of it to watch the films I had on my HDD for a month or two. Also it included some new films also. I don’t want to review all of them and convert my blog into film review blog. It’s better to keep more nonsense here. So I’ll just write synopsis and what I liked in the films I saw. Will be in brief. I am not a film critic paid to write a long review.

Michael Clayton : It is a different film altogether. A film focused on life of lawyer is worth watching. There are real tragedies that happen in life of a good lawyer. If they are put together in a good manner then it creates a really good story. This was one of the story. Though it is kind of thriller it doesn’t have the speed. That is one of the minus point. Dialogs are good and our hero acted good. I’ll rate it 8/10.
What Happens In Vegas: Cameron Diaz film. All I expect is her to act as aimless, doesn’t care of the world, a menace kind of girl. I was right. She is actually in her real life also. So it was not acting but herself on the screen. It looked perfect role for her. I cannot say a good movie also. There are times when you start yawning while watching. There are some emotional moments which lift up the film. Especially towards the end. I’ll rate it 6/10.
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na : Hyped.. That was the first word when I saw the movie. There is nothing new in the movie other than the cast. Only one song I liked and that was obviously Kabhi kabhi…The other highlight was Pappu can’t dance. Comapred with the “Papa Kehate hain”. No comparison at all. Genelia has repeated such roles in many films. Watch Boys, Bommarilliu, Sanotsh Subramanium and you’ll come to know. So there was nothing new to her. Imran did good for a newbie. But still need to learn acting and dancing too. The two other khan brother look pretty odd in their roles. But make you giggle. I’ll rate this 6.5/10.
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Sitting on the edge

Edges are dangerous most of the times. They hurt you as well. Sitting on the edge is what you won’t like to do. That is because you never know when you will fall. For an acrophobic person, The one who has fear for height, this is almost like a suicide. Without even attempting a jump he will be falling down from height just because of the fear for height.

Some years back, before joining to my first job, I was an acrophobic person. i used to fear by the heights. I was unable to go near the edges of anything high. imagine the cautious slow steps towards the edge going inch by inch. After joining the first job I had to climb the scaffoldings and the roof slabs for checking purpose. This is when my fear started fading. It still exists but to a small extent.

Sitting on the edge
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Happy Dussehra

Dussehra Vijayadashami Durga Pooja

Today is the festival of Dussehra. It is mostly celebrated in West Bengal and in the northern region on large scale. Celebrated in different ways in the regions but it has a common thing, common thought to tell us. Good always wins over bad. Evils are always defeated no matter how powerful they are. The motive of the festival is to turn spread the goodness and increase the faith of peoples in good.

In West Bengal, It is celebrated as Durga Pooja. This starts nine days before Dussehra. People gather together and play dandiya which is also popular in Gujarat. In Gujarat it is celebrated as festival of Navratri. Gujarat has one more reason to celebrate as the Tata Nano project shifts to Sanad. In the northern regions like Uttar Pradesh, effigies of Ravana, Meghanath and Kumbhakarna are burnt to celebrate the victory of Lord Ram. Hence it is also known as Vijayadashami.

Believe in good and be good. Happy Dussehra…