What’s this September?

After the holidays, which I couldn’t enjoy due to being a bed-pal, I am back now. Things going haywire for me or may be not. In complete confusion, I have joined my new job. Whatever I had planned is into the vain due to this step. Isn’t that sentence familiar to you? Anyways, I decided not to plan anything for this month. I am completely stuck, stopped, blank at this moment. Blank as a blackboard. Just to get rid of this blankness, I am writing this.

Oh.. One more thing. This month is going to be a lot more fun. I got hint regarding this as my PC stopped working and created a lot of problems. My monitor rendered nice fancy patches like that in modern art gallery. Somehow I have managed to get it working. Great start for this month.

P.S.: Who says I am very sarcastic? I just need to read The Alchemist again.

Why? Why me??

Far far away, in thick forest of real life, there lives a Person. He is totally lost in the forest while trying to hunt. What he is hunting for?? Success. What he gets instead is failure. He thinks every step that he takes is a mistake and his every step leads towards failure. He is unaware of the fact that with every step of failure, he actually marches towards success. After every failure he got one question to ask. Why me god? Why me?


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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

This is the time of the year I always wait for. I love to celebrate this festival. All festivals are meant to bring and bind the family closer. In my opinion, Ganesh chaturthi does this very effectively. Every year we all gather for a period of five days and worship Lord Ganesh. I have lot of belief in Lord Ganesh and that’s why this festival means a lot for me. At the end of this festival, I feel rejuvenated.

I wish Lord Ganesh bless us all.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi…

happy ganesh chaturthi