You have to let go

You could be mad as a mad dog
at the way things went.

You can swear and
curse the fates…

but when it comes to the end…

you have to let go.

We become mad. As mad as a mad dog. Everyone tastes this feeling at least once in his life span. This happens especially when someone close to us, hurts us. A mad dog doesn’t know what he is doing. He keeps biting anyone who comes in his way. Similarly when we go mad, we also bite. This is not physical bite but gives more pain than the physical one.

The difference between “mad dog” and “as mad as mad dog” is that the first one often finds a bullet in his head. When a mad dog bites with his sharp teeth, it hurts but is curable. As far as I know you need to take six injections and done. It’s different case compared to “as mad as mad dog” where the sharp tooth of words often does an irreparable damage. The result is deep valley in between which is hard to fill.

We separate. Distance prevails. What we forget that although this valley cannot be filled, a bridge can connect the two sides. Time never stops. It keeps running. When it comes to an end, we let the things go. We have to let them go. We keep cursing god or fate not knowing that it is us. A question arises… Why it takes an end to let go? If you answer this then you won’t have to face the question again. You’ll just let go..

P.S.: Movies freaks know the source of first six line and for non-freak its The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. A beautiful and very different storyline. Don’t let this go…

Till the next time…

Think Nonsense…

Great start for new year

New year started well for me. On the first day itself my blog went down. It was offline for two days. I was already frustrated with my previous webhost so I decided to look for a new one. Now the blog runs on paid hosting and I don’t expect downtime here. But the start with this hosting was also not good. I went through a lot of trouble to import my blog database here. This is usually an easy task for me but it took almost 5 hours to get through.

I get instant support but the problem is he doesn’t understand the problem easily, even if I put everything in detail. That is minus point. I hope not to get any troubles from this hosting. I’ll have to monitor this for a month at least to check the uptime and errors. There is no room for such things now.

Meanwhile, I joined my sixth job :lol: I lost my last job 15 days back. Thanks to economic crisis. This job looks good like (the earlier one) :tongue: . I’ll be seating on frying pan here. The toughest job of my life is here and I am ready for it. There are many new things I’ll be learning. I never did a job like this so have little knowledge. Results will be in the form of mistakes which are not allowed in any profession.

Fingers crossed till six month job. If I can survive this span then I can survive the whole year. Trying to grasp things quickly. Problem is that I don’t have much time to study drawings on site. That is a big hurdle and I have to overcome it. Well…. very quickly…

BTW… Anyone missed me for two days?? :angel:

Welcome 2009

happy new year 2009

2008 is gone and here is 2009 with new hopes and new dreams. Sad but true that I want to forget 2008 for all the bad things happened. But happy to have learned from the bad moments. I had wonderful year 2007 and was the best year of my life. I thought it will continue in 2008 but that didn’t happen.

When I look with a different angle things look different. I learned how to blog and basic SEO stuff in this year. Although there is much more to learn I am happy with what I learned. I hope to gain much more knowledge in this field this year and will dedicate some time daily to learn. When I started blogging I never thought I’ll have my own TLD and I’ll earn from the blog. At the end of the year both things happened.

So I set some targets for my blog this year. Small targets as I am not full time blogger.

  • Increase feed readers to at least 300. Currently it’s 40
  • Touch 100UV\day. Currently its around 50UV\day
  • Start a niche blog in my field of construction
  • Earn around $100\month from this blog
  • Interact with network members I have formed
  • And above all, write better and better

These are small goals as I am part-time blogger. I will try my best to go beyond these figures. I also hope to get help from all the friends I made while blogging and also from my readers.

Wishing all my friends and readers a happy and prosperous new year…

Think Nonsense…