What’s Your Excuse?

There is not a single day in your life without an excuse. You do mistake, fall into some problem and the best friend you find at that time is the excuse. It saves your day and if not at least gives you time to find another better excuse. Solution to this is to never do any mistakes or fall in problem which ain’t going to happen. You have to live with giving excuses. If you recall the excuses later on then you surely want to kill yourself for the stupid reasoning. They are quiet funny. While in search of these excuses, I found some typical ones.

You hurt someone close to you verbally and later on realize your mistake.
I didn’t mean those things I said.. I was drunk

You don’t want to go for a wedding, party or such function.
I swear I don’t have time
I couldn’t find anything to wear

While in an argument, most probably with your wife, you are unable to argue further.
I don’t know what you talking about?

When your wife finds you in intimate position with your secretary.
She jumped on me and I couldn’t stop her.. It’s all her fault.
Its not what it looks like.

When you are increasing your protein intake by having beer with your friends and you get a call or While your girlfriend\wife asks you for some expensive jewelery.
Hello.. Hello.. Can’t hear you properly. I am out of range may be.
My phone battery is low. Can I call you back?

While talking on phone, you get bored and don’t want to talk so you hang up the phone. When that person calls you back…
Don’t know what happened. These cellular companies are piece of shit.

The biggest, most widely used, very short and doesn’t affect much is…
I forgot…

Till you find another excuse…
Think Nonsense…

Kaminey if Fuperbbbb

It’s 14th August and is the release day of Kaminey. I was waiting for this movie for long. It created a lot of interest through it’s music, music videos, trailers and a lot of other things. I already made up my mind for the first day first show. Fortunately got on time with my friends in inox hoping for a good movie at least. What’s waiting for me inside was a surprise.

Recently there is a trend of making dark comedies or dark films. I loved Dev.D then Welcome to Sajjanpur and now this one. It’s a dark comedy which tries to picturize the world of twin brothers. Like every twin brother story, here also one brother is on white side and other is on dark side. They both hate each other. Guddu or Sanjay is a shy guy who stammers. Exception is when he sings. Sweety is the girl who loves him very much (without the clothes). This love goes beyond boundaries creating boi boi situation and then they decide to marry.

Sweety has a sweet brother Bhope, who cares a lot for her. When he becomes aware of the fact that Sweety is in love with Guddu then he runs after Guddu to kill him. On the other side Charlie, the dark twin who lisps, has got his own philosophy of success. He is a bookie who looses all his money due to double cross. Going after the backstabber he find shortcut to get rich. And here for the first time in years, life of both brothers overlap. What happens then? Will Guddu be able to escape from hands of Bhope? Will charlie’s shortcut to success lead him to success? Watch the movie for the answers.

On the acting front, Shahid does well in playing the role of two different identities. Priyanka is good and in many scenes outperform Shahid but I thought she got short screen appearance. Bhope, played by Amol Gupte, is terrific. He performs in an unique style. Other than these all come and go. The film is fast in the first half, Runs like local train for sometime and then gets speed near the end. You need patience after the half as there are hardly any scenes that will giggle you. The end of the movie would have been a classic if one brother would have died. That doesn’t happen and the film has happy ending as always.

Music of the film is above average. Most of the time you’ll hear Dhan te dhan. The choreography is like what we dance when we want to dance. It’s common and close to reality. Since the picture is dark comedy, every frame looks dark. Even when there is daylight it looks dark. This film Got A Certificate which actors say it doesn’t deserve. For me it does.

Overall I can give this film 7.5/10. Would love to watch this again…

Love Actually…

Love Actually is around us..
It’s just we see through our eyes and not through the heart.

I watched this movie and was stunned. Too many characters make it confusing for a while but it ends well and I am really happy to watch this movie.  It gets 10/10 from me. This movie involved me from the first minute itself when it gives example of twin tower tragedy.

It is unfortunate that I don’t see through heart or maybe I have just started to. That’s because I see hatred all around. Brothers hate brothers, friends hate friends, neighbors hate neighbors. Then there are riots, murders…. I even see cats fighting cats and dogs fighting dogs. Exception is the mating season. :love: That time I find love among animals at least.

To see love around me, I have to travel some 20-25km from my home where there are some points and they are lovers paradise. If the around is 20-25km then the statement holds true. When love is in the air you get refreshed. It’s not just love between couples. I see a family coming there with two kids. Probably boys as it’s difficult to judge gender of kids of age 2-3 years. You can find it only when they start crying for something. If they cry out loud they are boys else girls. I love in that family.

When a tragedy takes place cell phone companies certainly go into profits. There is a high volume of calls between relatives almost to the extent that the network goes down. This shows that love does exists to the extent we cannot think of. I will not try but I will see the world through my heart to feel this love. That’s what you need to do.

Till you find love around you…
Think Nonsense…

Making Sense Out of Nonsense

What is sense? and What is Nonsense? Webster dictionary gives the best definitions for these two words(often used by your employer as if they have copyright for these words) so I am not giving out the definition. For me it’s what other than me like is sense and what other than me don’t like is nonsense. But these other than me probably don’t know they live in a world full of nonsense. Just to give an example.

These other than me and I live in India. A great place to live where we are surrounded by nonsense. We have so called largest democracy in the world. The other than me say that I don’t make sense. Yeah. I am very much inclined towards nonsense. But look at what these other than me do.

  • They have sports minister who find it difficult to walk
  • They have a Prime minister labeled of many degrees but cannot take his own decision and is like a puppet in someone’s hand
  • They have health minister who is admitted to medical college only to cure some disease
  • They have criminals standing for election and these other than me elect them
  • They have light in cities and metros by putting the major part of India which lives in villages into darkness
  • They have food stock piled in ports and warehouse’s left for rotting when the prices for same commodities skyrocket
  • They have…… The list will go on and by now you too think that I don’t make sense

I am not trying to prove I make sense and other than me don’t. I am just trying to figure out sense from the nonsense. Let me tell you what is nonsense for other than me.

  • An Ox giving liters of milk
  • A dumb person taking part in singing competition
  • A bald person keeping a comb in his pocket
  • A sheep behaving like a dog
  • A donkey(how can I forget this animal) taking part in horse race

Isn’t it? Those are the lines which don’t make sense to other than me. And the list before this doesn’t make sense for me. Who wins here? Of course other than me!!! Majority always wins.

Till other than me find sense in nonsense…
I’ll Think Nonsense…