The circle of circumstances

Everyday, Everyone goes through usual or some unusual circumstances.  Some become victim of the circumstances and some perpetrator. For the victims, these circumstances are like Hitler, who dictates them, who controls them. He attacks through the U-boats of lack of confidence, lack of faith and brings the victim down to the knees. Victim is unaware that this Hitler doesn’t exists.

In such cases, there forms a circle of circumstances. While running from an event another event from past is just ahead of us. It’s like your back* is on fire and you are running towards fire. This circle is often hard to break. It requires lot of courage(and all the positive stuff you can recall) to get out of this. But wait!!! There is a simple solution to turn this Hitler into Charlie Chaplin.

It’s simple. Do not let circumstances control you. You change your circumstances. You’ll say this looks good when it’s in words on a paper or on this blog. But in real life it is difficult. That is not the case. When you are thinking of such a thing your back* is already on fire. You are waiting for fire engine to blow out. Keep waiting. That wait may last forever. Or just oppose the circumstances.

Charlie ChaplinLet the Charlie Chaplin make you laugh. Then the U-boats will take a U-turn and will vanish deep into the sea of happiness. The circle of circumstances will turn into a ring with which you can play as you want. Just like the dancers in the circus who rotating it around the waist. That will also keep you fit by loosing some fat around that area. 😀

* :- You can replace this word by “ass” for better understanding.

Till the next Chaplin adventure…

Think Nonsense…

I got my first award

Time is a great teacher. You learn many things as the time passes on. I am not an exception. When I started this blog I was not a great writer.(Neither I am now.) I had a bit of hesitation before starting this blog. So instead of starting on 1st January, I started it on 1st February.

What was the hesitation for? I had urge for blogging after reading many blogs throughout the internet. Whatever answer I wanted, the search would land upon a blog most of the time. And they had beautiful explanations with good use of language. This was exactly my weak point.

I am not fluent to English. The reason may be that I have very few conversations in English. So forget about writing good in English. As I said I didn’t knew how to write a good blog post. Now the things are changed with time. At that time I wasn’t able to write quickly on a given topic. Now I can. Continue reading →

Bad bad server

Web hosting blues

My web hosting blues continue. Today was the worst day I thought. may be because I was logged in for hours and my blog won’t. My blog went offline due to database error for almost three hours. Also I had “error connecting database” error in the morning 2-3 times. That is so frustrating. To add, I get notified by some readers that they are unable to read my blog. (They are literate mind you.)

I am having these problems for almost two months now. I waited in the hope that this problem will be solved soon. Unfortunately this ain’t happening. I don’t want to move to professional hosting as I get some 100 odd visitors. That don’t take much bandwidth. Why should I waste $4-5 a month? This question seems to be answered now.

I tried contacting admin who was giving me great support and help. Looks like he is not there. Else this wouldn’t happen. Just waiting for some payments. I’ll be moving for sure now.

Language of an old woman

I have already written some posts regarding language. But this is a vast subject which is sufficient to give you topic everyday. If you know more than one language, which most of you do, then you have a potential to write about language. I am good at four languages and about five of them i am in learning stages. So I have good material to write about though I choose not to write often. That would convert this blog into “The Language Blog”. After some days I’ll get some eggs and tomatoes at me.

This incidence happened yesterday while I was talking to my friend. Yeah the same friend who own a pharmacy. I talked to him after so many days due to my busy schedule. (I hate to use this “busy” word.) I was standing there and doing the thing I liked the most. Observing peoples. I do it unconsciously now as it has turned out to be my habit. After a few minutes an old woman entered the pharmacy. This is the woman whom I helped to get to the clinic. (Are you listening Santa?? I deserve a gift here.)

She gave her prescription and started talking. A bit surprised, she couldn’t talk properly. The last time I met her she was talking good. This time she wasn’t able to pronounce properly. Every word she uttered was incomplete and used to end abruptly. Try to speak without using your tongue. Something similar happened. What amused me that we were still able to get what she wanted to say.

This mystery will stay with me for long. How can we just interpret when we are unable to get the whole word? Of course it was not 100% correct interpretation but close to that. Its the beauty of a small part inside our head, that we call brain. A while back I read an e-mail where the words had the first and last letter in correct position and rest all altered. I was still able to read the paragraph without any mistake or without much effort. I hope to solve this mystery in this lifetime.

Request to all search engines: Don’t mark this post as spam due to the use of the word pharmacy. There are pharmacies which exists offline.

Till I solve the mystery…

Think Nonsense…

Showers that matter

You wake up in the morning. Brush your teeth and then most probably you go for a shower. This is true for me. A shower in the morning makes me fresh and takes away laziness. If I don’t take a shower then I am lazy-drowsy throughout the day. I certainly don’t want this to happen.

Sometimes you don’t like taking showers because your showers are not good. Seriously it does happen. That is what’s happening to me. My shower is not working properly so I decided to take a new one. Searching for the same I found some Shower kits. You’ll surely want to buy one of those.

When you return from work, especially in summer season, you definitely get too much tired. A quick shower refreshes you. How about a hot water shower?? That would be great. Steam showers will make you happy. Choose from a wide range of steam showers and treat yourself to the ultimate spa experience. These showers come with deluxe acrylic seat, handheld showerhead, and foot massager to give you hydrotherapy experience. You can choose from the following range of steam showers.

  • Acrylic Steam Shower with Glass Front
  • Steam Shower with 10 Jets and Foot Massager
  • Steam Shower with Mini Tub
  • Tempered Glass Steam Shower with Adjustable Body Jets

All showers are made up of acrylic single piece back wall, tray and roof form the main structure of the shower cabin.

Shower Enclosures are great to save some space and useful for those who don’t have enough space to make separate bathroom. It also prevents water from splashing out on the floor. While taking a steam bath, it stops steam from spreading out and thus maximizing the steam bath effect. No need to tell you that these enclosures add to the beauty of a bathroom. You can choose from following list of products.

  • Contemporary Shower Enclosure with Glass Sliding Doors
  • Rectangular Glass Shower Enclosure
  • Chic Glass Shower Enclosure with Sliding Door
  • Modern Shower Enclosure with Two Sliding Glass Doors
  • Acrylic Base Glass Shower Enclosure
  • Glass Shower Enclosure with Pivot Door
  • Chic Shower Enclosure with Frameless Glass Design
  • Corner Mount Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

These showers and shower enclosures are easy upgrades. You can also choose a product by height. So you have a wide range of products to choose from and which suits your needs. Upgrade to these Shower accessories and you’ll enjoy your bath.

Have a great bathing pleasure…