Superhero Movies that rocked

It’s two months since the release of The Dark Knight. I was really eager to watch the film and just today I competed downloading it’s screener. It was pain as no one was seeding the torrent. I’ll keep that apart. I want to talk about the movie. It is much talked movie and now it’s my turn.

So it is Sunday. I wake up late and I am in fool mood of watching films. Add to it it was my mothers birthday according to Indian calender. She likes to celebrate it according to that. So it was four of us who enjoyed the birthday. On this occasion this dumbass just wishes to give her some more happy moments and she never have to take the smile of her face. I got to eat chocolate cake for this. ๐Ÿ™‚ This was at night.

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Kimmy is sharing light

I am totally lazy today. It hurts to wake up early on Sunday. I had to wake up early due to the nature’s call. Then it was time to watch some movies. I’ll write about that in tomorrow’s post. Today it’s the blog review time. This weeks featured blog is The Eagle,The Lion and The Dove by Kimmysharinglight. That is the name of blog. Pretty long but you’ll remember it.

I have to use the word “Just”. This is just another blog which I am lucky to get to read. The “Just” is because I am getting good blogs to read now a days. I really liked this blog and will continue reading. As I mentioned in my earlier reviews that the pictures used in post spice up the post. Here is another good example of that. Author has used a picture in almost every post and it suits it.

Things I liked is the blog archive is good. But as most of the bloggers do, it is somewhere in the middle of the page. That is totally waste. Another thing I liked is the style of writing. It’s the new trend of blogs where author’s writes just enough. Similar to my type of writings. Who has patience to read long post?? Many even try to skim the post I write. One more plus is the use of sezwho. You get to know what peoples like by the ratings they give. Continue reading →

The Big Bang Experiment

By this time you have read enough about this. I cannot resist writing about this. I had to wait till Saturday where this post suits the best. So the experiment is started and nothing has happened to our planet. I am still alive and so you are. I was forced to write because of a news I read in paper. A girl committed suicide with the fear of explosion. No guesses that she was illiterate and studied till third grade only.

So what is this experiment?? What is this Large Hadron Collider or LHC?? This LHC is world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator. A particle accelerator is something which uses electric fields to propel electrically-charged particles to high speeds. You can assume that LHC is like a our CRT monitors or TV’s but at a larger scale.

What is the purpose of this experiment?? Scientists are trying to solve the mysteries of universe. How it was born?? What was there before?? What is this dark matter actually?? To tell you the fact that this dark matter occupies 22% of universe. If they succeed in experiment then we will probably know 22% of universe at least. That in turn will be a huge achievement and many mysteries may be solved.

This experiment is being conducted in a circular tunnel, 27km long, at Geneva. It took almost 14 years to make the tunnel ready for experiment. Now it’s started on 10th September. The energy will increase later. This is just start. It will take time for the results. It is indeed amazing that big bang alike situation will be created on our very own Earth. Now wait for the results. You can read more about LHC here.

Building Traffic

For the last two months I have trying to build up traffic to this blog. I made changes to increase traffic. Registering to Entrecard was a boon to my traffic. But I was and am always aware that the traffic is not targeted. They are users who come and go just to fulfill some requirement. There is a small percentage of that traffic which is really interested in blogging. Such visitors are difficult to get but once you get they stick to you.

Of course you need to write good to keep them attached to your blog. This month I want to totally depend on my 280+ posts to get traffic to my blog. I want to see how many users really get to my blog without having to force them. I want to quit entrecard as it suxx xD now due to some changes in it’s policies. They believe it will prove to be good. But every now and then they are hitting a nail in coffin. Just have to wait when will be the final nail in coffin?? I cannot quit entrecard instantly as my 20000+ec are hanging there. I am playing “Hangman” there now. :bandit:

I’ll be totally idle and out of blogging world you can say. I want to give more attention to content and content writing. Eventhough it’s nonsense, you should be able to understand that it is nonsense. Theme for four days a week has created some good reputation. I saw one blog copying my idea of “Tuesday Readings”. :whistle: There will be more coming like that. I don’t mind them.

To all the visitors and readers who are reading my blog and read this blog till this line, please be patient for some days. If you have a blog I’ll be replying to you soon. I am gone nowhere. Just a small hibernation. I’ll be writing but not promoting. Consulting and studying better ways to write blog. If you have tips for this dumb guy then you are always welcomed. :kiss:

P.S.: I removed all ads and all advertising. Not much earnings for last two months. I should have done that before.

Think Nonsense…

Talking Picture 06

Talking Picture 06

Kiss My Arse!!!!!

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1) One entry per user, per blog. Donโ€™t use multiple blogs as separate entries.
2) Caption may contain humor or may not. In the end best will be chosen.
3) You should have an Entrecard account for the winning prize.
4) Entries open till Sunday 23:59 UTC
5) Winner will be announced on Monday.
6) At least ten entries are required to decide winner.

Winner gets 300ec !!! So what are you waiting for?? Suggest a caption and make the Picture talking.