When you are in trouble you need advice. And you should get one from an experienced person. Especially someone who have gone through that trouble earlier. It is indeed difficult to think about solutions when the trouble knocks you down. The one who survive is great. Otherwise you meet the failure.

How to choose an advisor?? I’ve to write in depth detailed post regarding that. This post is a salute to the advisor shown in picture. If you are a literate animal reading my blog, please do not eat the one who gives advice to you. It’s not ethical. It’s human things and no animal should do that.

Dog chicken and advisor

What advice do you think the dog is taking?? I think about his love problems. :love:


These three letters proceeded by a dot hide a lot of things. You have used this thousands of time knowingly or unknowingly. The things hidden varies according to the person, his work, problems etc. You see. Keep guessing what I hid behind this. It is one of the beautiful combination of letters.

I use this many times. While writing, while working, while having conversation etc. The beauty of this word is that you don’t know for what it is used. I use it sometimes to hide my lack of knowledge and lack of ability to complete or stretch a sentence. It is a word which many of us use to show others that you know a lot. But in real it may not be true.

Think of the last time you used this word. You’ll come to know why you are using this word. This adds automatically without your knowledge (most of the times) at the end of a sentence. It may turn out to be a kind of frustration if the number of times you use this word increases. You need to improvise in that area to avoid the use of this word.

I try to use it less as much as I can. But as said earlier it adds automatically. Now a days this word sometimes repeats itself to give a better value to a sentence. Like etc.etc.etc. I personally feel that wherever possible this word should be avoided. You loose your value after using this. That’s what I feel.

Now have I missed anything in this post?? Then.. etc.etc.etc. 😀

Think Nonsense…

I am brave

I came to know this today. I killed one of the most dangerous species in this world. These take more lives than any other form. By now, if you are intelligent enough, you must have guessed the name. The great species with wings and a needle nose to bit. Yes they are mosquitoes. Don’t get surprised if you are reading this for the first time. This is a link for some statistics.

Usually I am a non violent person. I don’t like to kill anyone for any reason it may be. Just as an example. If an ant bites me I don’t kill that ant. I pick it and throw it away. But this mosquito made me go crazy. It kept biting me and the animal in me (Monkey of course) ,which was sleeping with peace of mind for a long time, woke up. I slapped myself and there it was. The act of bravery.

Monsoon season is the season of mosquitoes. You find many patients with dengui, Malaria and chikungunia. Mosquitoes are dangerous because the number of peoples dieing from the said disease is very high. If it’s monsoon season at your place then make sure you take precautions not to allow the reproduction of mosquitoes.

Make sure there is nothing outside your house which will hold water. Most common things holding water are which then act as reproduction house for mosquitoes are
-> Old tyres
-> Your or someones old shoes. May be new ones also.
-> Empty cans. Probably of beer or soft drink
-> Pothole which may store water for a longer time.

So the next time you see this species kill it. Feel proud to be killing this mosquito.

I hate that bear

cat and bear

What will be going through that cats mind? It’s strange that a wild animal being loved more than the domestic one. I think that cat will sue his master. Whatever it is, The photographer is very clever in catching this shot.

Touch Me Not

This is a special plant. I love this. There is no specific place for this plant to grow. It’s anywhere and everywhere. I have this attraction towards this plant which made me blog about it.

I remember when I was a kid. (I do remember somethings) =] . Me and my friends use to kick these plants and they used to close as usual. The instant closing was the part of attraction. Later realizing that it just needs a touch. Nothing more. So saved some energy by just touching it instead of kicking. The “Who closes more??” competitions.

This used to happen while going to school. And while coming back the plants revert back to original. Only to be closed by us again. 👿 The goats in area also loved this plant. It was their favorite food. Now the things are different. This little plant has disappeared from roads. And I hardly see any kid attracted towards this plant if at all they find one.

This plant also posses a beautiful flower. It’s soft and pink in color. Though odorless the flower suits the plant and makes it complete. Today after so many years I saw this plant. A smile on my face and I bent down to touch it. Just refreshed my old memories.

It is still a shy plant. Glad to see one of the thing that will remain as is forever. :kiss: