Global Warming

Well I’ve said something about this in two posts earlier. Do you want proof that it’s really happening?? Then here it is.

Now that you believe, please try and attempt to stop it.

Rains Again

It’s been 4 days raining heavy here. I haven’t seen rains like this in summer before.

The summer has not yet started and the rains arrived. I feel like I’m in the monsoons. Though monsoons are supposed to start in June. As I’ve said earlier about Ice Age looks like it’s going true. I’ve seen various climatic changes in past 2 years. They all indicate towards a big climatic change on our planet.

Still confused whether it’s natural or man-made. May be Mother nature wants to heal the wounds and is making those changes. We have already hurt her very much and in spite of all troubles we are getting we continue to do so. I don’t know when we will realize the importance and understand the climatic changes.

As said in my earlier post, We can take some precautions. But will they work?? They should be. Though I’m in doubt about the changes being natural or man-made, I’m inclined towards that its being man-made. The pollution, cutting of trees, overuse of resources make me think so. My posts like this may not change the minds of all but I’ll be happy if it changes one.

Save Nature…

How to increase Torrent download speed

Torrent is now the most widely used form of sharing. Though there are sites which allow you to upload your file and share, they have some or other restrictions. Sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload often delete illegal content on report. Torrents don’t have such restrictions. You find many things which are not available via HTTP download. But as all things have some postive and negative, so do torrents.

It is very difficult to get good speed or high speed download. And morever it’s difficult to maintain it. You may get a very high download speed at start or in between but may last for a moment. It’s not stable and nothing can be done. But following are some tricks you can use to increase your download speed and get maximum out of your connection. I’ll use utorrent as my bittorrent client as it’s the best. Continue reading →

23rd March

This day is remembered as because of three freedom fighters, Bhagatsingh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. They were hang to death for killing a police officer in response to the killing of veteran social activist Lala Lajpat Rai. So far I always remembered this day because of this. I doubt how many Indians know about this and remember them atleast for this day.

But now I got another reason to remember this day. As I said in one of my earlier post Pooja was arranged at our house as my Parents completed their 25th Wedding Anniversary. This was the first time we had Pooja in our house since we started living here. That is of course 20 odd years now. Many relatives came and it turned out to be a good get together. 

It was a memorable occasion and I’ll never forget this day. And now I got some more free time to blog around, write some nonsense out of my head. 🙂


Do you know cats too smile??? Don’t believe me then check the following picture. Eight kinds of smiles.

The next time you see cat try to find out it is smiling or not.